A Perished Love by Frederick Jaeger

A Perished Love
by Frederick Jaeger When we dance and snuggle close,with your finger nails gently caressing my neck and hair; our bodies pressed and gently rocking to a rhythm in a world all their own; enveloped in gentle whispering touches of angel wings I feel our hearts together beating, beating their own excited wild song...as one. Then my world stops with an angel in my arms. Time stands still like eternity...the moments frozen in time...yet so very hot, and still to fleeting to a new world just beginning; with an angel in my arms. With my cowboy's rope wrapped across your breast and around your wrist I make you my prisoner, angel...until I find the path that puts and keeps me in your heart. You have promised not to run on your word of honor once those rope bonds are untied; for within your small angelic hands you hold my strong but trembling lone wolf's heart...a prisoner too. I've been smitten as was Samson by Delilah.Conquered by a sweet angel's blush and smile. But the pain is good and beautiful for I am bound and bonded just as if there were the physical bonds. I willingly submit. Before you , angel, my heart and soul stand stripped bare as only an angel could know and do. With you I have no secrets hiding anywhere. I'm just a lone-wolf mystic cowboy-knight; straight and true. A very ancient soul who knows his fate. You, Angel, are the only Angel in all the heavens I'd ever need, desire or want to know. Beneath my knights cloak and armor...is a very strong but vulnerable lone wolf's heart. I can hurt and cry and bleed if I'm not dealt with in truth and love. Lies and indifference will crucify me...and I will pass them by and die without a single whimper. For this angel my world dies.My life as I now know it willingly ends.Inside my heart was a dull dim spark-a haunted ghostly glow-just a dying ember of love gone dead from loss and sacrifice. It seems so long ago.Then this angel's breath mingled with mine as we danced embraced, with wide inquiring eyes, and soon that dim and dying spark became a steady glow; soon turning into a fiery blaze. If I'd never see this angel again by destiny/crossed fates: I'd remember every moment, word and embrace...with every aspect of her and her beauty burned deep within my heart where sadness would reign forever and never be forgotten in this lone cowboy's heart. I'd be a mystic-cowboy-warrior knight whose armor and shield and sword would be no more-they'd perish with a destiny ended. A presence that when it leaves this realm knows that it never need return. Without this Angel by my side there is no reason to return. On Bended knee with head hung bowed, I worship the ground upon which this Angel walks and at her feet...I, an Angel's cowboy.