A few messages from Spirit....

I sent some healing to my Facebook Free Reiki Group this morning and while I was doing so, some messages from Spirit came through. So, I thought I'd share them for anyone interested:

1 - Handle your fellow human beings with tenderness and care, no matter how tough they may appear. Within each of us is a very breakable heart. Some of us hide it in layers of aggression and destruction, but beneath those layers, is the same need that we all have. To love and be loved.

2 - There are blessings all around you. Some big. Some small. But they are always there. Look for them. Hunt for them. Dig for them. Because, when you find these treasures, you will be complete. Your suffering will become peace and your "lessons" will be finished.

3 - Celebrate your life as often as you can. There is always cause for celebration, even if your only achievement is to wake up still alive, then celebrate that. Life is meant to be flushed with joy. Your heart is meant to pump happiness through your veins, so find some happy and pump it up.

Love you all so much. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Deborah Lighthart