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If you lie awake at night mentally drained, physically exhausted, and spiritually depleted, then this is for you...

Deep within you know you are not living your purpose, living your passion, and living the fulfilled life you want.
·         Perhaps you’ve spent a life-time caring for others and meeting their needs, but not enough time caring for yourself.  You’ve been so focused on just getting through what needs to be done that at the end of the day, there is nothing left.  No time, no energy, no motivation.  It’s almost as though you’ve gotten lost somewhere along the way.  Yet you feel that you, your dreams, and your purpose are still in there somewhere, longing to be set free.  You might not know who or what that is right now, but you feel the burning inside that tells you your time is now.
·         Or perhaps you’re in a career that you no longer have any passion for.  You settle for putting in your time so you can get your paycheck, but you really want so much more for yourself.  There’s a yearning inside of you that aches for something more.  You know that there are bigger things for you to experience, discover, and create.  You’ve waited so long already that if you don’t make a change soon, you can see yourself stuck in this place forever.  It’s now or never and you’re finally ready to claim more.

You've been feeling less than for far too long.  You have been shrinking from life and not participating fully.  You have so much inside of you and yet you are hesitant, fearful, and resistant to let it out.  But the world needs exactly the gifts and talents you possess.

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