Energy Bath™ Monthly Newsletter - DEC 2014

"Sometimes, with enough love, ordinary objects can come to possess their own special kind of magic."
- Rumpelstiltskin, Once Upon a Time TV Series

During the holiday season we can often get caught up in the mad race for more "stuff." The right stuff. Special stuff. The perfect stuff to show our loved ones how much we really love them. Stuff is fun, but I have to say that when I look back over all of gifts I have received in my 45 years of life, some of my favorite gifts have been small, ordinary items that were given with great love. It's the love IN the stuff that makes it so special. So, this holiday season, I invite you all listen with your heart as you give and receive. Give yourself time to feel the love is behind every exchange and cherish it. Because that love right there, that is the real gift. That's the stuff that life is made of.
Love,  Deborah Lighthart

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