Miracle of Breath Workshop

Miracle of the Breath Workshop

In The Miracle of the Breath Workshops, Denise teaches special meditations and breathing techniques that will enable you to awaken the powerful gifts of healing that lie dormant within you. These energy boosting and enlightening techniques will infuse your life with a new sense of aliveness and clarity of mind. You will leave the workshop renewed mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, having learned new tools to carry you forward in life, assist you in self-healing and master your fears.

The Breath truly is a miracle.  Life begins and ends with the breath.  If there is no breath, there is no life. Primordial Life Force is carried within the breath, and it is the key to success for athletes, martial artists, singers, actors and healers.  Eastern Masters have used the breath for centuries to master fear and illness.

Use the Breath to:

-Master Fear and Anxiety-

-Revitalize your mind and body-

-Increase stamina and determination-

-Cleanse anger and frustration from your body and your mind-
This class will be held in Hartland, Wisconsin at the beautiful Center for Well Being at 301 Cottonwood Avenue

Saturday, Nov 15, 2014, 10-4

Cost: $100.00 – space is limited so please contact Denise to reserve a space with your $50.00 deposit
DAKeenan@aol.com 414-774-2168 or (cell) 414-732-3578