Energy Healing

Energy healing

     Energy healing is a branch of alternative medicine. It is also called energy medicine, energy healing, spiritual healing or energy therapy. In energy healing, the healer is believed to be able to heal a patient by channeling their healing energy into the patient through touch, in hands-free mode, or via distant connection. In instances where there is touch and hands-free healing, the healer and patient are both in the same location. In distant scenarios, they are not in the same geographical locations. There are many places that teach energy healing stated as schools of bio-field energy healing, spiritual healing and contact healing among other names.

     There is a stark contrast between energy healing nad faith healing. Spiritual healing uses non-denominational practices and does not require one to be traditionally a religious believer. It takes place outside religion. Faith healing on the other hand, is mainly and only practiced within a religious context. The practitioners of energy healing do not require religious faith as a requirement for healing to take place.

     Science has refuted the possibility of spiritual healing. Early scientific reviews of spiritual healing recommended further research about energy healing. Recent studies have led to the dismissal of energy healing and claim that there is no evidence to support the clinical efficacy of energy healing. The theoretical basis of the healings is seen as being implausible and research has faulted the idea of energy healing, claiming that it has methodological flaws and bias in selection. Science further dismisses the therapeutic positive results of energy healing as resulting from known psychological mechanisms. This does ot however mean that one should dismiss energy healing altogether. There are well documented cases of energy healing and the fact that there are schools that teach energy healing should indicate that there is a future for energy healing. It also indicates that energy healing is real.

     Support for energy healing comes from quantum physics. This branch of physics has demonstrated that we are all made up of energy. Matter is also made up of energy in various arrangements. Energy healing thus focuses on realigning the way energy is arranged and the removal of negative energy to replace it with positive energy. Healing occurs when the healer transfers their positive energy and counteracts the negative energy or the improperly arranged energies in the patient.

     There are energy healing categories and levels just as in any field there are classes. Different abilities and distance of reach classify the energy healers. There are those who need to touch the patient for healing to take place. There are those who do not need touch, but the patient has to be in close proximity with the healer for healing to take place. There are the advanced energy healers too whose healing power is able to be transferred from healer to patient even without close geographical proximity.

     Let us take a quick look at some of these categories. There is quantum touch level one that includes the basic energy healing techniques. The more advanced quantum touch level two gives more powerful and faster levels of healing and freedom to the energy healer. It also makes it easier for the healer to carry out the process of healing. A third is the self master level that involves an energy healer being able to find inner peace and healing energy from the understanding of the emotional causes that contribute to wellness and life transformation.Energy healing has found uses in various areas of medicine and wellness. These include in nursing and in the alternative medicine areas such as in massage for therapeutic purposes. 

     Everyone has the innate capacity to help themselves and others too. That is where energy healing is applied in nursing the nurse who is an energy healer is able to lead a patient to easier and faster recovery. In massage, the masseuse can easily incorporate energy healing in a massage session and help a person reach greater health levels.

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