Energy Bath™ Community Newsletter - OCT 2014

October 2014
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Energy Bath™ Community Newsletter
Tools, Tips + Techniques to Change Your Energy and Your Life
"You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic."
- Mad Hatter, Once Upon a Time TV Series

I fell in love with this quote the moment I heard it. I had to ask my daughter to pause her show and rewind it so that I could write it down. These are some powerful words right here. If you want magic in your life, you've got to believe in it. You've got to believe in the power of a force that is greater than you or I. You've got to believe that miracles can happen.  That they DO happen. When you believe, you begin to open yourself to the infinite possibilities in the world around you and you start to align yourself with those possibilities. If you can see it, you can be it. The magic is in YOU. It always has been. Clap if you believe!
Love,  Deborah Lighthart
10 Things I've Learned from 20 Years in Business
Narada Story
The Cleansing Breath
A Key to Bliss
Look Up + Hook Up
You Can Do It
The Voice in Your Head
energy art.
Kundalini by Deborah Lighthart
Smiley Daisy by Alanna Amora
Angels to the Rescue by Deborah Lighthart
energy tools.
Light My Fire: a rattle to ignite passion + purpose
Peace in Chaos: a rattle to help you find peace
Power Up: a set of rattles for manifestation
Energy Bath in Allenton 11-1 10/5
Dream Interpretation for Teens 6:30-8 10/13
Dream Interpretation for Teens 6-7:30 10/16
Energy Bath in Pewaukee 6-8 10/22
Body.Mind.Spirit Crawl 6-8 10/30
Energy Baths Mondays 7pm CDT
FREE Prosperity + Abundance Energy Bath 8pm 10/30

Prosperity + Abundance 6 Week Program begins 11/3
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