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Yoga for your Physical Heart 
The number of Americans effected by Heart Disease is on the rise each year.  According to a promising body of research from the Harvard Medical School, it "suggests that yoga's combination of stretching, gentle activity, breathing, and mindfulness may have special benefits for people with cardiovascular disease." Read More about this.  

Join Allison for a NEW Heart Health Series 
Perfect for people who are practicing Heart Health prevention or looking to integrate Yoga into their care routine for their Heart. 
Wednesday's Sept. 24- Oct. 15       OR       Saturday Sept. 27. - Oct. 18
10:30-11:45 AM                                              11:45 - 1:00 PM

Yoga for your Emotional/Energetic Heart
Although the field of research of how our thoughts/emotions effect our hearts health is an exciting new frontier for science (check the Institute of HeartMath),  Ancient Yogi's were well aware of this.  One of the 1st forms of Yoga was Bhakti Yoga, often referred to as the Yoga of Love and Devotion. Bhakti Yoga uses the healing power of vibration and sound through the form of chanting and singing to bring health and balance to the entire body from the inside out. 
Come and enjoy KIRTAN (aka Bhakti Yoga) w/ Ryan Peterson 
For people who love heart-warming good music.
Saturday September 20, 1:30-3:00 PM
For people who love heart-warming good music! 

Set You Heart on FIRE!  Kirtan with Ryan
This Saturday September 20th 1:30PM, Join Ryan Anadma, a Haleybird favorite, for an afternoon of  raising your vibration!
Experiencing a show with Ryan Anandama
is an integration of Kirtan Chanting, Sanskrit for "Praise," and Spiritual 
Wisdom. His music expresses a seamless integration of Love and Compassion as the crowd is compelled to sing along. 
Anandama shows are a healing experience that connects you with your inner-self. His passion will ignite you. His guitar playing will inspire you. His singing will guide you back to yourself.
$10.00 investment in HAPPINESS

Join Claire this Sunday September 21st 6:00 - 8:00PM. 
Yoga for Teens: Boosting Self Confidence
will include a group conversation about how we feel about ourselves, a 60 minute yoga practice designed to challenge and support teens both physically and mentally and a 20 minute guided meditation.
Enroll by Saturday and SAVE!
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Upcoming Workshops for everyBODY
9/20: Kirtan with Ryan Anadama
9/21: YOGA for TEENS workshop
9/24: Yoga for Heart Health (session) Wednesdays
9/27: Yoga for Heart Health (session) Saturdays
10/4: Yoga for the Male Athlete
10/5: Yoga for Runners
10/8: Mommy & Me Session
10/11: Family Yoga Workshop
10/12: Yoga for Swimmers 
PreRegister & SAVE!
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At Haleybird Studios we believe that Yoga is for everyBODY and that Yoga places people on the fast track to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to join us today.


Haley Stozek
Haleybird Yoga & Enrichment Studios
Studio Owner

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