Wellness Fair this Weekend and More


Greetings from The Atrium

"The Indian Summer... should be a little sunny and a little sad... and infinite in wealth and depth of tone but never hustled."
Henry Adams

Hopefully you have the chance to enjoy these late summer days, leading into fall. Take a look around and enjoy the sunsets, the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, the last BBQs and picnics for the season. And while you start saying goodbye to outdoor activities, take a look at our upcoming events, promising you an uplifting start into the cooler season. Hope to see you there!

Coming up at the Atrium: 
Lunch Hour Refuel - Meditation, Coaching, Community hosted by Jill Baake, Buddhist Meditation - Exploring the Four Great Wishes with White Conch Dharma, Wellnes + Metaphysical Fair

Keep reading for more information about these and lots of other inspiring events.

Upcoming Events
Life Coaching Certification Program - Starts October 11th!

Become a Certified Professional Life Coach!

In-person classes begin Saturday, Oct. 11th and are held once per month for eight months at The Atrium in Greendale, WI (atriumcommunity.com).

Facilitator: Jill Baake

Do you love to help others?  Are you looking for a way to shine your light? Do you thrive on personal development and new ideas?  

Now is the time to earn your Life Coaching Certification!!

In this personal & professional development program you will:
 -  Deeply explore your thoughts and beliefs
 -  Discover more fully who you are and who you're becoming
 -  Learn to allocate your day-to-day energy more joyfully and consciously
 -  Determine your personal keys to success and happiness
 -  Connect with others and build soul-level relationships
 -  AND learn the skills and communication strategies to lead others to do the same!

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Contact Jill with questions or to set up a FREE discovery session - jill@visionpointcoaching.net or 414-858-0262

Lunch Hour Refuel - Meditation, Coaching, Community


Wed, September 17
Wed, September 24
Wed, October 1
Wed, October 8


Facilitator: Jill Baake

Take a break in the middle of your day/week for an hour of YOU time. We will begin with introductions and intention setting, then spend 15-20 minutes in guided meditation and breathing to calm our bodies, minds and hearts (no meditation experience necessary; great for beginners and experts alike), and then complete the hour by setting up our next steps so that we can put the peace and clarity to good use as we continue our journeys. You'll get connection, coaching and meditation all in one intentional power hour.

Learn more and RSVP here!

Buddhist Meditation -
Exploring the Four Great Wishes with white Conch Dharma

Friday, September 19

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Facilitator: Anna Mlodik


We will build on the foundation of loving-kindness and explore the Four Great Wishes that transform the heart. The last of the four great wishes is equnimity. Equanimity can mean many things, including balance. How can we be balanced in our relatiohsips with all beings and how does wishing all beings this deep spiritual balance change us ....and them? Each session includes a guided loving-kindness meditation.

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Saturday, September 20

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fair produced by: Marilyn Murphy and Julie Cuellar

We have the best readers in the midwest!

• vendors with one of a kind items for sale

• workshops– a nice variety

• tri-fecta readings from 3:00-4:00 

Learn more and RSVP here!

Autumnal Equinox Reiki 1 attunement & workshop

Tuesday, September 23

8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Facilitator: Natalie Benoit

For those who have availibility during the week, or for those who work weekends! All those interested in learning Reiki are welcomed. No experience necessary.

• Learn about Reiki energy

• How to use Reiki for yourself and others for a lifetime

• Become attuned to Reiki level 1

• Practice hands-on, and distant Reiki

• Learn Reiki from a 15 year Reiki practitioner, 5 year Reiki Master Teacher

Learn more and RSVP here!

Morning Cup of Consciousness

Saturday, September 27

10:00 am

Facilitator: Jill Baake

Join us for coffee, tea and engaging conversation!

All are welcome to attend; no prior experience required. We will gather together in a confidential, non-judgmental space to discuss our spiritual beliefs, understandings, questions, and personal journeys. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a loving, contemplative, expansive community!

Learn more and RSVP here!

Medium Circle at the Atrium

Thursday, October 2

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Facilitator: Stacie Tatera

Join Stacie Tatera, Intuitive Medium and Reiki Master for Medium Circle at the Atrium. As part of this special group you will get messages intended for you from Stacie as well as others members of the group. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your intuitive skills in a safe and protected environment.

Learn more and RSVP here!

Herbal Antibiotic Workshop

Monday, October 6

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Facilitator: Natalie Benoit

Learn about the POWER of herbals. Herbal remedies leave the body stronger than before the illness, and do not strip the body ecology like modern antibiotics. It is near the end of the antibiotic era- as super bugs are becoming resistant to all drugs. Don't leave you, or your family vulnerable.

This workshop is very casual, and hands-on! You make your very own blend to take home.

Learn more and RSVP here!

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