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Join me and ascended master Hilarion on Sunday September 21st at 7:00 pm for a guided meditation honoring the Autumnal Equinox. Both dark and light are part of our natural world and both bring their unique blessings to us. At this special time of year, dark and light are in balance and of equal duration.

In a similar way, dark and light are part of our personal natures. Both the light of the conscious mind and the dark of the subconscious mind are vital to our happiness and well being. This meditation, channeled from Hilarion, offers an opportunity to balance our own dark and light and to create enhanced harmony and cooperation between the two.

Please RSVP to starlight@thesharing.co

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The person you trust the least is the one who has the most to teach you.

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Most of us have someone we simply cannot stand, someone whose very existence rubs us the wrong way. We flat out don’t like him, and her words and actions usually aggravate us more than we would like. We are suspicious of anything relating to him. We simply feel we can’t trust her, at all.

The situation creates inner conflict for most of us, since we usually feel we should be less judgmental about this person.  We know we should view him more neutrally and perhaps even lovingly. However every time we try to do so, it seems her behavior justifies our negative opinion once again.

We feel simultaneously gratified in our assessment and disappointed in our gratification. It is a potent brew of emotions, one that is certain to keep us trapped in a cycle of disappointment—both in ourselves and in the other individual.

When it comes to this person, we seem stuck in a loop of uncomfortable experiences. We may try to avoid him, but it seems life somehow keeps bringing her back into our orbit. We just can’t seem to get away from feeling bad about this individual.

The reason we cannot seem to escape from this experience is because it arises from inside of us. We view him through a lens of separation consciousness—the belief that we and all other beings and things are separate from each other and the divine, and therefore are flawed.

She is incredibly valuable to us spiritually, because our mistrust of her flags where our thoughts are most entrenched in separation consciousness. He actually is the most reliable signpost on our spiritual path. By leading us to examine our underlying beliefs about how life works, this despised individual, the one we feel we can least trust, can help us understand how to be more aligned with connection consciousness—the belief that we and all other beings are inseparably interconnected in divine loving consciousness known as the sharing.

Click here to learn how to put this into practice.

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