Insights on Clearing Work

Hi Energy Bathers!
I had a question come in today from a member of our group. When she did the clearing on the first run, it brought up a lot of stuff for her. Fear. Insecurity. Doubt. Even some physical pain. So, she listened again the next day and it began to release. This could easily happen to any one of us, so I wanted to share some insights on it. Here's what that is about:
When we go into deeper layers of the subconscious to clear the stuff that is there (basically to release the energies that are preventing us from achieving our intentions) sometimes things can be a little sticky. If they are life-long issues or past life karmic stuff, they can be a little harder to release, so it pops up to the surface on the first run and then gets washed out on the second. Or sometimes the third. Or the fourth. lol. Eventually it washes out. It all depends on how deeply rooted it has been in your consciousness.
So, if your clearing work unearths some junk in your life, get excited! It means you have just uncovered the blocks that have been standing in your way. You've pulled them out of your subconscious (where they control your life without you knowing) and you've brought them into awareness where you can make a conscious choice on what to do with them. I know it can be a hassle for a few minutes, hours or days, but just keep clearing. Keep using your mantras. And listening to your recordings. No matter how tightly your stuff is stuck, there is a force of Light that runs through you that is stronger than anything you can imagine. Stay aligned with it and it will wash that stuff right out of your life.


Mary Baxter said…
I love this.
Celia said…
Beautifully spoken.