HBS reopens TODAY: See whats happening this FALL!

Haleybird Studios
Dear Feronia Wellness,
Haleybird Studios reopens today, Tuesday September 2!  Join us for new classes & new workshops designed for everyBODY!
 Yoga + Guided Meditation (The Energy Body)
 Flow & Hold Yoga for EveryBODY
 Mindful Flow Yoga
 Bliss Flow Yoga Blend
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New Specialty Sessions & Workshops for everyBODY
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Elementary and Teen Yoga Sessions
Family Yoga Workshops
Mommy & Me Sessions
Yoga for Teens Workshops
Save on Advanced Enrollment
Yoga for Swimmers
Yoga for Runners
Yoga Sculpt
Yoga the Male Athlete
Yoga for Volleyball Players
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New Specialty Session
Meets Wednesdays and Saturdays 
The Mary Group returns to HBS this Fall!
Join The Mary Group for an all day event! Sunday, September 21st 10am-6pm
Living in the Absence of Fear: 
Embracing a Life of Peace & Freedom
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Living Without Edges
Friday October 24th & November 21st 6-9pm

Join Ryan Anandama September 20th for KIRTAN  


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