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Chill out with good folks and find balance and inner peace. Reiki sharing will be held Friday September 12  at 7:00 pm. If you are attuned to at least Reiki I, you are welcome to attend. If you have not attended a Reiki sharing for a while, this is a great time to get back in the swing. 
Please RSVP to starlight@thesharing.co
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Problems are neither to be ignored nor worried about. Like all of life, they simply are. How do you want to experience that which you perceive to be a problem?
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Life never seems to go exactly as we might wish. We always seem to find issue with something. Sometimes we have several difficult situations simultaneously, some larger and some smaller. But life nearly never is problem-free.
We often vacillate on how to approach problems. We may be inclined to worry, or we may tend to try to ignore issues. Sometimes we switch back and forth between obsession and avoidance. Whether we’re fretting or shirking, we usually berate ourselves for dealing with the situation incorrectly. It seems hard to find a balance in which we pay just enough attention to an issue.
The difficulty arises in our perception of the situation. We see something as a problem and then react accordingly. This perception arises from separation consciousness—the belief that we and all other parts of creation are separate from each other and the divine. Our separation belief causes us to view life as difficult, dangerous, and full of unfulfilling situations, and to find ourselves and others lacking. It leads us to find problems.
If we can elevate our beliefs into connection consciousness—the belief that we are divinely interconnected with all other beings and things through a divine loving consciousness known as the sharing—we can perceive life differently. Challenging situations will arise, however we can see them as puzzles to be solved, knowing that all of creation is there to assist us in finding a solution.
This viewpoint liberates us from worry and negates our desire to ignore difficulties. We can just acknowledge a situation and decide what, if any, action we wish to take. We are free simply to act on the issue and proceed to enjoy life.
We also are liberated from self-judgment through this approach. If we review an issue and choose our response, we can’t denigrate ourselves for either worry or avoidance. There is no evaluation of ourselves, others, or the situation. We simply determine what we wish to do, follow through, and move on. Drama, recrimination, and denial are obviated by straightforward dealing, allowing us to appreciate of life in its many manifestations. Life becomes simpler and more fun..
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