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Listening with your heart, you know all you need to know about a situation.

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We all are involved in tough situations. In a complex mesh of individuals and interactions, it can be difficult to know what is real. It’s hard to decide what to pay attention to and what to disregard. Sorting through all the aspects, information, and conversations, it may seem challenging to understand what to believe and how to act or react.

Trying to parse out what is real and true often is stressful and taxing to the mind. This is because we are attempting to think our way through the situation’s complexities. We are relying on our mind alone, which usually is operating from separation consciousness. In this separation mindset, we are fearful and lonely, sure that we are imperfectly muddling along in life on our own.

In truth, we are part of a divine and loving whole—the sharing—connected to all other beings and things as well as to the divine. We have the help and support of all creation in any and every situation, especially in times of difficulty. When we are willing to consciously invoke this divine interconnection, we operate from a mindset of connection consciousness. Our physical mind, in cooperation with our inner divinity—our sharing within—recognizes and therefore is able to benefit from the interwoven nature of all existence.

Our sharing within is housed in our human body in our heart region. It is the source of endless and absolute divine truth and knowledge. Our heart and our sharing within together provide clear and loving insight into complicated or challenging situations. Listening to the wisdom of our heart grants us divine perspective and frees our mind from the burden of sorting through life’s complexities alone.

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