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Estrangement occurs when emotions between people have gotten strange. If you’re estranged from someone, consider how you might harmonize your emotions surrounding the relationship.
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We all have someone we try to avoid. For whatever reason, we just don’t seem to get along with some individual. Interactions between us are troubled, and we find it easier to simply avoid contact. Life seems more peaceful when we steer clear of him or her.
If we look back at the situation, we usually will see that communication with this person gradually became more strained, until contact felt intolerable. Our emotions around the relationship became heavy and intense, and chances are that the other person’s did too.
However difficult this relationship seems, it holds valuable clues for us. How we feel about this individual can tell us a lot about ourselves, and how and when we are stuck in separation consciousness. This unbearable person actually is our ally on the path to connection consciousness.
When we perceive through separation consciousness, we feel separate from others and from the divine, too. Others seem flawed and disappointing, possibly even dangerous. We feel victimized, disillusioned, and disappointed in relationships. Something in life seems broken, and we’re often sure that we’re broken too. Interactions just don’t click and we struggle to like ourselves or others.
Perceived through connection consciousness, life seems very different. We recognize our own inherent divinity and can see it in others as well. The divine interconnection of all creation—the sharing—is emotionally tangible. We feel nurtured, uplifted, and graced by life. Interactions seem to flow naturally, and it is easy to love ourselves and others.
Our operant beliefs and resulting thoughts and emotions, in any moment, determine whether we experience from separation or connection consciousness. That’s why those we despise are so valuable—they help us identify the beliefs that keep us stuck in separation consciousness.
When we change our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions follow along. We find it easy to think and feel in new and different ways, and our experience of life alters in fundamental ways. Willingness to explore an estrangement can be the key to a happier and more satisfying life. 
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