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Same essential action, two different outcomes. What’s the difference? Intent.
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Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why our plans go right or why they going wrong. It may seem that we’re doing everything right, but don’t turn out as desired. It’s frustrating; it’s confusing. Why aren’t things working out the way we want them to? What are we doing wrong?
Often the difference isn’t in what we do, the difference is in our approach—how and why we do what we do. The beliefs and feelings we hold in our hearts and minds about our actions influence their outcome. Our reasons for doing something often shape the result.  Intent can make an action either successful or unsuccessful, either benevolent or detrimental.
We’ve all seen this play out in our lives. We may have a critically ill relative. We do everything possible to help support their recovery because they want desperately to live. Or we do anything and everything to help them get better because we’re afraid to let them go. In this example, our actions can be identical, but our reasons why are totally different. Supporting our relative’s choice with complete love and our best effort is certain to help us feel happier about the outcome.
Or we may need money from a relative to tide us over a difficult financial patch. We graciously accept a loan from a helpful sibling. Or we embezzle funds from a family business. Either way, we’re taking cash from a relative, but the way we do so—the how—varies considerably.
The reasons why and how we do something delineate our intent. They define whether our actions are grounded in separation consciousness (belief that everyone and everything is separate and flawed) or in connection consciousness (acknowledgment of benevolent interconnection of everything).
Actions based in connection consciousness are more likely to have an outcome pleasing to us. Deeds based in separation consciousness are more apt to end in further experience of separation and lack. Supporting our relative’s health choice with complete love and our best effort is certain to help us feel happier about the outcome. Illegally taking money from a family company is likely to have an ugly result, whether or not we are caught.
When our actions are based in loving reverence for ourselves and all life, we are ready to let go of controlling the outcome. We are willing to believe that the eventual outcome will be the best possible result. We’re happy to allow the power of serendipity create exactly what we need out of the resources of all existence, out of the sharing. We cease striving and start enjoying life as it is.
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