{All Change Agents} 6th Epoch Evolutionaries - Call to Action!

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Hello Feronia Wellness Community,

I invite you to attend the monthly Epoch 6 call which is a unique opportunity to participate in an inspiring discourse about this future of humanity and your role in creating the compelling new future of Epoch 6.  Epoch 6 is a new emergence in human consciousness and culture.
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
4:30PM CST
To register click here: http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/Q98UBSYSB4T911KX

Through the course of human history there have been 5 major transformations in human consciousness and culture.  Will the 6th epochal shift occur? 
That is up to us.
The key lies in fully energizing the untapped higher brain and providing a path and a map for a new consciousness and culture to emerge.  It is now possible for us to directly participate in our own evolutionary unfolding and become the architects of a new age of transformation.  This new participation creates a life of purpose and meaning as we usher in a world with more care, compassion, and consciousness. 
Epoch 6 = a momentous leap for humanity.
With nearly three decades of experience as an authority in personal and cultural transformation, I am passionate about evolutionary theory and the founder of the revolutionary Higher Brain Living® System.  Join me for the monthly conference call discussion about Project Epoch 6.
Yours in Higher Brain Living®,
Michael Cotton
Founder and Owner

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