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In July we celebrate the freedom and independence we enjoy in our country. There are millions of people around the world who are fighting for these same liberties. We also have the responsibility to seek a deeper inner personal freedom to eliminate thinking and behaviors that reflect judgement and criticism for those who are different from us. 

We must increase our conscious awareness of how negative thoughts and behaviors keep us separate from those who need our acceptance and support.

We live in a nation that has the responsibility to eliminate separatism within all cultures so we can become a united world based on justice and truth for all of our citizens. As we enjoyed the colorful Fourth of July fireworks, let us also be reminded of shining the light within to liberate people in the world who live without the precious freedom we are privileged to have.

At The healing Place we have a number of personal growth programs that allow you to "shine the light within":

LIVE Personal Vision Program 

 Facilitated by: Peig Myota




 Please join us for the conscious intention to send love and light to a world in deep need of our positive thoughts and prayers. 

World in Hands 
Our free monthly
Thursday July 17 from 6 to 7 pm.    



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