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Personal preferences aside, life is exactly as it needs to be.
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Oftentimes things happen—things we don’t want to have happen, things which seem senseless. It may feel like life is going along just fine, and suddenly things go wildly off track. Something unwelcome or deeply disturbing occurs, and the pattern of our comfortable lives is profoundly disrupted.
We’re likely to react badly. We may feel hurt, disappointed, devastated, or betrayed. We don’t understand what we might have done to deserve this turn of events. Why did this have to happen to us?
Two factors are at play here: separation consciousness and the power of serendipity—the ability of our inner divinity, our sharing within, to expand our physical consciousness and experience, for our benefit, through seemingly random events.
Separation consciousness leads us to believe we’re separate from all other existence as well as from the divine. This underlying belief causes us to experience fear, anger, resentment, lack, distrust, disillusionment, and loneliness in our daily lives.
The sharing—aka all of creation, the universe, divine consciousness—wants us to be happy and enjoy and appreciate life. The portion of divine consciousness within us, our sharing within, uses the power of serendipity and its access to all the vast resources of the sharing to generate events which push us to pop out of separation consciousness and into realization our shared divine nature.
Our sharing within role is to create circumstances offering us the opportunity to see and recognize our divine interconnection. When we are mentally and spiritually receptive and flexible, nudges from our inner divinity are subtle and inspiring. They are sweet and welcome coincidences of life, “aha” moments of appreciation of the beauty and meaning which pervades all experience.
When we are more deeply invested in separation consciousness, the events generated by our sharing within are likely to be more dramatic. Our sharing within is always present inside us, and it knows exactly how to catch our attention. It will make life as difficult as it needs to be for us to reach out, in desperation, to the divine for help and guidance.
What may appear to us as a series of random difficult occurrences is actually a divinely inspired set of messages and opportunities for us to open to the divine within us and all around us, and recognize our intrinsic connection in the sharing.
When we accept what has happened, whether or not we are ready to appreciate it, a small miracle occurs. We have created the opening needed for our sharing within to guide us through the change our underlying beliefs, which is the entire reason for the difficulty. Our acceptance of an unwelcome event creates the doorway to connection consciousness.
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