Higher Brain Living Presentation

I did this program a few years ago and it was an AMAZING experience! My friend Tally Miller Hayden is now a practitioner, and she is just one of the most loving and wonderful people I know. If you're looking for a new healing modality to help change your life, tell Tally that I sent you and she'll take extra good care of you. 

Where you choose to reside has a profound effect on your future. Would you want to live in a home that's haunted? No. The same applies for your brain. Why stay in a mental space filled with fear and anxiety? You can move into brighter happier calmer territory. Higher Brain Living® helps create that shift.

As we have evolved, humans developed a 'lower' and 'higher' brain. The lower brain was necessary for survival, providing protection from predators, triggering a fear-based and anxious state. Unfortunately today, we tend to reside in that lower mental space too often responding to everything with apprehension, limiting our potential.

Make the move to the higher brain. It's where passion, purpose, and bliss live.

The Higher Brain Living® Technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch process that creates a surge of energy from your primal fear-based lower brain into your prefrontal cortex, the seat of the higher brain. It's a consistent, repeatable, and transformational process. What's more, it connects you to your potential, provides clarity, rejuvenates, and helps guide you forward into a fearlessly authentic life.

Want to learn more? Attend this free presentation and live demonstration. If you have a friend who you think would be interested, invite them too! RSVP today. Click here:

Settle down in the penthouse that is your higher brain!