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Dear Feronia Wellness,    


"Giving thanks for abundance is greater than the abundance itself" -Rumi


When I announced to my (very level-headed) Mom that I was going to college to study music, she was apprehensive. Music? How will you ever get a job? Is that responsible? Are you sure?

Up to that point in my life music/playing cello was the one thing that I loved the most. It made my heart sing. I could play the same song over and over and just slip into my "happy zone." So 18 year old Haley studied Music Education at UW-Madison...and it worked out pretty well. I taught private cello lessons for 20 years and public orchestra for 14 years. It was a blessing to share music with so many children.

When 21 year old Haley told my (very level-headed) Mom that I was moving to London for 3 ½ months to be a cocktail waitress, she was concerned. Where will you live? Do you know that the drugs in Europe are stronger than the ones here? How will you practice your cello?

My heart craved travel and an adventure, so off to London I went. I managed to find an apartment, practice a little bit of cello, stay off drugs and have a blast!

When 28 year old Haley told my (very level-headed) Mom that not only was I withdrawing my application to a semi-prestigious teaching position, but I was also quitting my job as a public orchestra teacher to open a Yoga Studio, she was out-raged. You're what???? But you're so good at it. How will you have health insurance? What do you know about running a business?

8 ½ years ago I made this decision and 7 years ago Haleybird Studios officially opened. I loved Yoga. It changed my life. I believed that Yoga could make any willing body happy, healthy, and whole. I had to share it with others.

When I made all of these (non-level headed) decisions it was me listening to a voice and yearn within myself that I could not silence.

I opened Haleybird Studios with the belief that Yoga was for everyBODY and that the studio would be a community where people would come to be greeted, cared for and leave feeling better than before they entered.


As I look at the amazing teachers who are on staff at the studio and the absolutely amazing students who come to share Yoga with us, I feel so blessed. THANK YOU all for choosing to care for yourself through Yoga and THANK YOU for choosing to do that at Haleybird Studios. I always say that the people who come TO HBS are some of Milwaukee's finest. Such beautiful hearts, warm smiles, and caring individuals.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Haleybird Community. June marked the 7th year that the studio has been open. As we move forward, Haleybird will continue to have great teachers who deeply respect the Art of Teaching Yoga and Haleybird will continue to bring in new classes, workshops and offerings to help everyone's pursuit of feeling 

Happy, Healthy, and Whole in their own skin.
(And thank you Mom for teaching me how to be level-headed so that I could safely follow my dreams.)
Customer Appreciation Week @ HBS

In appreciation of YOU being a part of Haleybird Studios, we have planned a week of treats for you! Here's what we have scheduled.


Sunday July 27

FREE Yin Yoga Nidra w/ Shel 7:00PM
(invite your Yoga newbie friends to this one!)

Monday July 28
FREE Yoga Basics w/
Forest 5:30PM
(invite your Yoga newbie friends to this one too!)

Tuesday July 29
FREE Flowing Hatha Yoga Level 1-2 w/ Victoria 5:30PM

Wednesday July 30
FREE Flowing Hatha Yoga Level 2-3 w/ Ann 6:50PM
Shopping, Wine, Cheese, Socializing
SHAPE will be bringing in a lovely selection of active wear clothing (sizes S - XL) for Haleybirdie's to peruse and purchase for 20 %- 50% OFF. Whether you come for the shopping, snacks, or good company all will have a lovely time.

Thursday July 31
Sale Day!
We will be having a one day sale on various items at HBS. The sale items will be announced that morning!
Friday August 1
FREE Hatha Yoga Level 2 w/ Ann 5:45AM
FREE Flowing Hatha Yoga Level 2 w/Victoria 9:00AM
Saturday August 2
LIVE MUSIC YOGA with Ryan Peterson & Haley
Ryan will be serenading the group with enchanting guitar music and Haley will be leading Yoga.
8:30a - Level 2-3 Flowing Hatha Yoga
10:00a - Level 1-2 Yoga + Guided Meditation
*There is no additional charge for the Live Music. Yoga Classes will be their regular price this morning.


Our Studio features flexible scheduling and classes for all ages and levels that encourage participation by all members of a family and the community.
At Haleybird Studios we believe that Yoga is for everyBODY and that Yoga places people on the fast track to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to join us today.


Haley Picotte-Stozek  

Haleybird Studios
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