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Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) is an internationally recognized pioneer and leader in training Yoga professionals who can bring the ancient insights of Yoga into mainstream wellness programs. Our program is based on a vision of health as a unity of body, mind and spirit.

IYT at Haleybird Studios is a 200 RYT Teacher Training Program for those who want to teach Yoga as a healing art. All will learn to teach Yoga for a wide range of complementary settings including health care as well as Yoga classes for the general public. This program is open to anyone with a basic foundation in Yoga and is especially suitable for body-workers, health care professionals, all therapists and anyone with a desire to teach the healing art of Yoga.

We believe in making the ancient practice of Yoga applicable to the modern Yogi. We believe that Yoga is for every BODY , regardless of age, size, or flexibility. Our School is a comprehensive approach that will teach participants how to integrate Traditional Yoga practices including pranayama, mudra, meditation, chakra's, the elements, ancient texts, chanting, Yoga Nidra, and more into a Yoga class or private session. 


Our Program is for everyBODY
 What people are saying about IYT at HBS


"The Yoga Teacher Training program at Haleybird Studios is top notch. The teachers are talented, experienced, and truly focused on each student learning and growing through the integrated and well-constructed curriculum. Whether you want to teach yoga, or simply deepen your practice, this program is a great learning experience. And the option to take modules in any order after completing the first module is a great feature to help with a busy schedule. I'm so glad I enrolled!"


"HaleyBird Studios has put together a phenomenal IYT training program.  The instructors masterfully instruct from not just a theoretical perspective, but from years of personal experience.  The opportunity to be sitting under the tutelage of such amazing practitioners will not only enhance your own personal yoga practice but will also set you up for success in the professional setting.  Where ever you are in your yoga journey or whatever your goals, I would highly recommend this life changing program."


"The Haleybird Yoga Studio 200 Hour Integrative Yoga Therapy program is the most accessible and flexible program in Wisconsin. Jes, Biz, Tina and Haley have a great dynamic and make every weekend an enjoyable learning experience. I use so much I was taught on a daily basis. I was able to break free from old habits, figure out how to approach yoga personally and professionally as well as enhance my goals in life because I took the leap and attended this program. It transformed my personal yoga practice and life for the better."  

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Change your Life at HBS - Teacher Training Begins September 13-14th, 2014
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Our Program is Flexible
2014-2015 Module Dates
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Have you ever considered deepening your yoga practice or fine tuning your teaching skills through a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training?
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Flexible Modules:

The IYT Teacher Training at Haleybird Studios is the only teacher training in the Milwaukee that offers the option of completing the program with the ebb and flow of your life over the course of 2 years. After completing Module 1 ($520), Moduels 2-10 can be completed in ANY order for the cost of $320/module. ($25/module discount given to WAC, Recreation Center, and YMCA Employees/Teachers)

10 Month Accelerated Program: Are you in a hurry to complete your 200 RYT? Sign up for our 10 month program (1 weekend/ month) and complete your training in less than 1 year. 10 month tracks begin in September or January. Cost for the 10 month program is $3000 including $100 application fee ($200 discount given to WAC, Recreation Center, and YMCA Employees/Teachers)

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Our Modules &
2014 Dates


Module 1: History of Yoga & Intro to Integrative Yoga Therapy      

Sept 13/14 2014 & 

Jan 24/25 & September 12/13 2015 

Module 2: Yoga Teaching Essentials &  Sequencing      

Oct 11/12 2014 &  

Feb 28th/March 1st & Oct 10/11 2015

 Module 3: Chakra's & Healing Energy    

Nov 8/9 2014 & 

March 28/29 Nov 14/15 2015  

Module 4: Philosophy, Yoga Sutra's, & Hands-On Assists      

Dec 13/14 2014 & 

April 25/26 Dec 12/13 2015

Module 5: Anatomy   

Jan 10/11 & May 16/17 2015  
Module 6: The Koshas, Inversions, & The Business of Yoga       

Feb 14/15 & June 27/28 2015    

Module 7: Pranayama & The Pranavayu 

March 14/15 & July 25/26 2015  
Module 8: Additional Yoga Texts, Mudras & Hands-On Assists    

April 12/13 & August 22/23 2015
Module 9: Ayurveda, The Elements, & Bhakti Yoga     

May 3/4 2015 & Sept 26/27 2015

Module 10: Special Audiences  & Modifications/Props  

June 27/28 & Oct 25/26 2015



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