We Moved! Events start today!

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We have moved in!!  Our big Grand Re-opening Party is June 21 10 -6  More details will be coming.  So save the date!!

We are starting right off this morning ~

9:30 am Mediation for Abundance and discussion of Universal Law lead by Keridak     Donations welcomed

11:00 am Kristina Bloom - Gallery Readings.  A group session where messages from Guides, Loved Ones and the Divine Universe are delivered.  Kristina is a Nationally Recognized Psychic- Medium.  $20

1:00 pm Networking & Marketing Meeting - Intuitives International    We are sharing Press Releases - bring yours, your successes and questions.  All welcome, All types of businesses.  Donations appreciated.

What classes, workshops or individual sessions are you looking for? Email me your thoughts.


Practitioners - Showcased every Thursday ~ Healings & Readings at Special  Event Pricing. Walkins Welcome

Stop by 6pm - 9pm and send friends.  
More info 

 Please follow the facebook page and add your thoughts of directions we can go, classes you would like to see and what you are doing. We love hearing it all! Tag us in your pictures! 

June 14th, 2014 12:00PM - 4:00 PM

Parrot Healing.

Bring in your pet parrot/bird for a healing.                
15 minutes sessions.
To celebrate the opening of the center, special rate of $15.00 per session for this day.

Contact Sherrie Howe, Reiki Master for an appointment.
Phone: 414-313-7276
email: divinecreaturesreiki@gmail.com
Kristina Bloom
Spiritual Advisor
A Psychic Gallery Reading

Historic ~ Haunted

Brumder Mansion
3046 w. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53208

Friday, June 27th at 7:00 PM

Experience communication with Spirit Guides, Loved Ones who have departed this plane and Universal Intelligence with Kristina Bloom. This gifted psychic, in conjunction with the haunted Brumder Mansion, offers a very interesting evening!

Tickets are $41.99 each and may be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/psychic-gallery-reading-at-brumder-mansion-tickets-11811680053 . All tickets are advance purchase, no ticket sales at the door.


Every Sunday --11 am Gallery Readings/Spirit Messages $20

Every Thursday Psychic & Healing Showcase -- 3 Practitioners to choose from 6-9pm Practitioners set their own rates for readings, messages or healings. Stop by and see who is here!  Starts Jan 9th  Click on the link to view the schedule!

1st Friday - Wisdom in Wisconsin Channeling  7pm  $20

1st Sunday -- Intuitive Marketing & Networking 1pm Donation

2nd Wednesday -- Wednesday Workshop  7pm $20

2nd Thursday - Ladies Lunch & Discussion (Potluck) Noon $5

2nd Saturday -- Metaphysical Exploration Group 7pm $20 

4th Wednesday -- Tarot Share 7pm $10
For Practitioners:
  • We offer classes to add or enhance your current skills.
  • Rental space is affordable - you may choose to use the entire space or to have a table at an event. 
  • We love to trade links and ways to share the word. 
  • Every 1st Sunday we offer Intuitive Marketing and Networking. 
  • Contact Keridak or Kristina with any ideas, questions or to book your space.