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Dear Feronia Wellness,    

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Find you inner child with Haleybird Studios this summer.  Take your practice outside with us at the Tosa Farmers Market every Saturday at 830am. 

HBS will be closed Friday July 4th, have a safe, healthy and happy holiday.

Yoga + Art Summer Kids Series        
Combining the practice of yoga and the creativity of art, we bring to you Art & Yoga! A new summer workshop series at Haleybird Studios. Your little ones will enter a place full of wonder, inspiration, and learning.
They will be encouraged to use their imagination, challenge their thinking skills, and finding the balance of awareness and confidence!

Monday June 30 1:00- 4:00pm

Thursday July 10 9:00- 12:00pm

Monday July 21 1:00- 4:00pm

Monday August 4 1:00- 4:00pm

Register Early to Guarantee your child's spot!
Drop-in: $45 Each Additional Child: $30
All 4 Sessions: $160.00

Pitta-Balancing w/ ERIN & CARISSA

All fried up?

The hot summer months increase the natural fire in the body, known in Ayurveda as Pitta. Pitta governs digestion and transformation in body and mind, and is responsible for your ability to process food and information, extracting what you need and eliminating the rest. Pitta is the source of energy, and our natural passion, but when nature conspires to stoke too much fire, aggravating Pitta, we suffer from hyper acidity, high stress, skin inflammation, irritability and ultimately total burn out. Through dietary and lifestyle recommendations, learn how to tame the flames and enjoy summer's heat with these cooling Ayurvedic tips.

Following this informative lecture, Erin Alexander (RYT), will lead you in a 60 minute yoga practice that works to balance the fire of summer: cooling pranayama (breath), mudra (hand gesture) and asana (yoga poses) will leave you feeling easy-breezy, calm, and relaxed so that you can get on with that busy summer schedule with centered ease and presence.

If summer's heat leaves you hankering for shade join Carissa Zacharias, Ayurveda Health Counselor Intern and Erin Alexander, RYT for this Pitta Balancing workshop.
June 28th 1:30 - 3:30PM
Register ONLINE by noon on Friday June 27.
Our Studio features flexible scheduling and classes for all ages and levels that encourage participation by all members of a family and the community.
At Haleybird Studios we believe that Yoga is for everyBODY and that Yoga places people on the fast track to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to join us today.
Haley Picotte-Stozek  
Haleybird Studios