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Check out this lovely video from Alan Watts. It's a wonderful illustration of the divine truth that is the sharing. You are the eternal universe.

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You are presented with a challenge: What can you do to redefine your enemies as friends and your hardships as gifts. Herein lies your most certain path to transformation. It is the path of love.
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Sometimes everyday existence seems so very difficult. It can be filled with challenging people and stressful events. Daily experiences can feel like a trudge through one problem after another. Life can just seem hard.
This is the story of life in separation consciousness. We believe we are separate from each other, from everything in existence, and from divinity. This leaves us feeling inadequate and broken. Everyone and everything else seems inadequate and broken, too, in the perceived state of essential separation.
Life in separation consciousness is filled with dangerous or at best difficult experiences. Interactions with others are characterized by distrust, disillusionment, disappointment, fear, anger, and resentment. When we do reach out to others, our experiences often makes us leery of doing so again. Events seem chaotic and meaningless.
The loving divine consciousness that connects all of creation—the sharing—offers these experiences to us as a way to show us the loneliness and lack inherent in separation. Difficulty offers us the message that separation isn’t fun, and provides us with the opportunity to shift our underlying beliefs.
In any and every moment of our lives, we can choose to believe in divine interconnection—the belief that everything in creation is divine and equal, arising from and connected through the one loving consciousness. In the sharing, all are unique expressions of divinity. All are worthy and beautiful.
Life in connection consciousness is more fun and joyful, regardless of what is occurring in the moment. Everyone and everything—including us—is complete and perfect, exactly as is. Life has meaning and depth through its underlying purpose of allowing the sharing to experience itself, through us, in love and gratitude.
In divine interconnection, no one is good or bad, we simply are. If we don’t like what we’re experiencing, we can change our beliefs and attract/create different experiences. Difficulties and interpersonal challenges are merely signs which help us recognize when we’re momentarily stuck in separation consciousness. They are gifts to help us understand we have the option of choosing to believe and experience life differently.
When we believe in the benevolence of all existence and experience, we are able to appreciate all circumstances and people, even when they seem difficult. We recognize they hold a message and opportunity, which is a gift of divine love to help us course correct into more fulfilling patterns of belief and experience. Even when we struggle to understand the meaning of hardship, we are grateful because we know that understanding will come. In the meantime, we will bless and enjoy as much of life as possible. We trust in the loving nature of the sharing.
Click here to learn how to put this into practice.
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