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Let the sun shine... Come join me for a special Summer Solstice meditation, channeled from ascended master Hilarion. This free event will help you tap into the profound enlightenment this special day brings. Bring an open mind and be prepared to have fun lighting up your world. Friday evening June 20th in Grafton OR Saturday afternoon June 21st in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. Click on the link above for details.
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One of the most beautiful things we can do is to love someone when they appear flawed, to love them in spite of our illusions.
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There are folks we like and folks we don’t like. Some people are easier for us to appreciate than others. Even those we love are sometimes hard to take. It seems other people are fraught with foibles that can be difficult to tolerate.
Separation consciousness makes this struggle possible. Deep in our third-dimensional consciousness is the underlying belief that we and all other beings and things are separate from each other and the divine. Separation leaves us feeling flawed and alone in an unsafe world.
This basic posited separation leads us to judge, comparing others to ourselves in an effort to make us feel less broken and lacking. When we judge someone’s nature or actions to be less than perfect, we differentiate them from us and we have the opportunity to feel superior.
The separation, comparison, and differentiation all are illusory. In divine reality, we are all equal, perfect, and interconnected through conscious love. But much of the time, this misperception is hard to get away from. Often we know better, but still find it difficult not to judge others. This allows us to continue to view ourselves as flawed, starting the cycle of self-loathing projected outward all over again.
When we choose to love unconditionally someone we view as flawed, our willingness sets magic in motion. This action helps us see the divine in ourselves and the other. We free the other person to be their divine self, in relation to us. They no longer need to appear as the bogeyman we needed them to be, to justify our fear, anger, and judgment.
We also allow our own divine loving nature to regulate our thoughts and actions. We free ourselves to be more overtly divine, too. Our interactions with the other person now no longer have to follow the script of separation. Our willingness to love another in spite of our illusion helps dissolve our misperceptions. We’re free to relate to each other in happier and more fulfilling ways.
Click here to learn how to put this into practice.
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