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Believe in whatever you wish. It doesn’t matter. The important thing to remember is that everything believes in you.
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Conflict figures prominently in the news. Someone always seems to be attacking someone else because they have different beliefs. Political doctrine, economic theories, scientific explanations, right to choose/right to life, marital equality, religious sects—these are just a few of the issues generating contention in the public eye.
Historically, humans have justified elitism by the need to be right. We’re convinced that our ideas are correct and anyone who thinks differently is at best confused and at worst subhuman. Polarized issues serve to demonstrate our belief that we are separate from each other, and therefore some of us are better or more worthy than others.
Most of us have the core belief that we are separate from the divine, and therefore somehow lacking or broken. Perceived differences from each other allow us to judge others and feel better about ourselves. We seem less incomplete when we believe we’re right.
The judgments and conflicts persist because we forget the most important truth of our existence—we are intrinsically divine and interconnected with all of creation. A splinter of divine consciousness exists in each and every being and thing in existence. There is nothing that is not by its nature divine. All is connected by eternal, loving consciousness (aka the sharing).
This immutable truth makes all evaluations and differences irrelevant. If we are all interconnected and divine, nothing and no one is any better or worse than any other being or thing. We simply come in different flavors.
The sharing sees every portion of itself as beautiful, whole, and complete. It believes in our oneness and perfection, whether or not we do.
When we view ourselves and others as the sharing views us, we honor the essential divinity of everything and everyone. The world becomes a magical place, a playground for expressions of divine, loving consciousness. We don’t need to worry, compare, fret, or evaluate. We simply can have fun enjoying whatever experiences come our way.
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