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NEW:  Soul Family Profile Reading
June 13, 2014
Dear Feronia Wellness Community,

After nearly three months of working from Paris, and recently from the south of France in Le Vignal, near Cahors, I will be returning to El Granada, CA in one week!!!  I have found a beautiful place to continue living with the best view I have ever had of the Pacific Ocean.

The Intuitive Journey
The Intuitive Journey

I wasn't sure how long I would stay away when I left last February, or even exactly what I would be doing.  Trusting my intuitive guidance has been Creator's greatest gift to me on this journey.  In fact, that is what this trip has been all about. 

Could I step into my life, let go of the past and all of its attachments and possessions, and leap into the deep present moment?  The answer is:  Yes!

The "slide show" of this journey is on my blog. I will continue to update over the next week.

The Fear Factor

Believe me, there has been plenty of worry, anxiety, and fear ever since I decided to live fearlessly and through my intuition, live within the knowledge base of my Akashic Record and the Akashic Field.  Yet, I have learned how to turn down the volume of that useless mind chatter and I want to show you how to do this too. 

We are born to read the Akashic Records
We are born to read the Akashic Records

First Step:  Learn to Read the Akashic Records
When you learn the incredible cosmology that is in the Akashic Records, which I teach you in my Akashic Reading program, the expansion of your mind to encompass your Soul takes you to a place where there is no fear, because your realize your oneness with the Source of Creation and your ability to access as much knowledge and information as you are willing to assimilate.  To learn about this program, watch this brief video.  It outlines the entire program, and it only costs $77 to get started!!!  Once you understand this information, your access to your intuitive guidance is exponentially enhanced.

Learn to Read the Akashic Records  - http://marysclearings.com/classes/
Learn to Read the Akashic Records - http://marysclearings.com/classes/


This is one of the most powerful and healing Akashic Readings you can have.  As fascinating as "family trees" can be as they trace your human genetics back into history, to understand the Soul level connections you share with your family members in this lifetime is absolutely incredible. 

I will research each of your family member's Akashic Records and provide the relevant Soul Profile information including Energy Realm Trainings, Soul Groups, Levels of Consciousness, significant lifetimes shared, and the contracts and agreements that are brought forward from those lifetimes into the present. 

The details that emerge bring powerful new levels of understanding and healing to the often confusing and challenging experiences family members experience.  Your relationships will make sense to you in a way they  never have before.

The Akashic Family Soul Profile Reading is designed to include parents, children, siblings, grandparents, etc.  You may include 6 individuals per reading.  You can choose a phone, Skype, or email session, and you will receive a detailed written Family Soul Profile document you will cherish.

Reply to this email to register for this reading by June 21st, and receive 10% off, a savings of $54. 

Sending love,


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