Crystal Grid for Prosperity + Abundance

I've had some people reaching out to me that are struggling with their finances, so I made this crystal grid to open the energies of Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth + Financial Blessings for all who request it. If you want to be included, just comment below. Feel free to list your friends, too. The more, the merrier!

All you need to do is relax, breathe and set your intention to receive. The clearing is to open the portals + pathways of energy to empower the flow of prosperity + abundance into your life. A great prayer to use to help facilitate the flow of this energy would be:

"I now allow all of my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, energies and circumstances to be in complete alignment with receiving the maximum level of Prosperity possible. With a grateful heart, I accept the loving support of the entire Universe and everyone in it. Amen."

Stones used: 
  • 1 Clear Quartz Dow to bring in the highest and most divine energies
  • 6 Clear Quartz Lasers to amplify that energy
  • 1 Clear Quartz to clear your mind to see the quickest route to your abundance
  • 1 Citrine for success and luck in business
  • 1 Amethyst for healing, peace and calming to help you receive
  • 1 Rose Quartz to heal the heartbreaks and disappointments that block you
  • 1 Green Aventurine to call in new opportunity and good luck
  • 1 Flat River Rock with a Black Panther depiction to call on the power of animal totems
  • Several other small items to call upon Angelic Assistance and to assist in anchoring your light into the world, bringing you blessings on every level.
Enjoy the healing! I'd love to hear your feedback and success stories! Please feel free to post them here. 

Lotsa Love to all of you. xoxox