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As the fine days of summer approach, is your life preparing to blossom? Do you feel in need of guidance? A reading with ascended master Hilarion may be just what you need to help you find beauty and fulfillment in life. Contact Anne to schedule a session today.
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Why have you given yourself an appointed task? It is counterproductive to serendipity. Let the task find you.
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We want our lives to have purpose and meaning. We’d like to have a clear life path. It’s reaffirming to feel we’re doing the right things, at the right time. We want to know we’re on the right track.
For many of us, this is a struggle. If we do all the things we think are “good”, it may feel like we’re not honoring our own inner desires. If we pursue our own agenda, it somehow seems selfish. How do we balance our own enjoyment and a spiritual lifestyle?
This seems a difficult thing to figure out, all on our own. And it is. But we’re forgetting the essential truth of our existence: we are all divinely interconnected–everyone and everything. We have the assistance and resources of all creation at our disposal in every moment. We don’t have to find our way through life alone. We have all the help that we are willing to accept.
Through the power of serendipity, life will generate the precise circumstances we need to understand our role and purpose in existence. We merely need to get out of the way. This sounds simple, but how do we do it? How do we let the universe (aka the sharing) navigate for us?
Click here to learn how to put this into practice.
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Reiki sharing will be held on Friday June 6th. Create balance for yourself and others through Reiki. If you are attuned to at least Reiki I, you are welcome to attend and give and receive Reiki. If you have not attended a Reiki sharing in a while, this is a great time to get back in the swing.