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Reiki sharing will be held on Friday June 6th. Create balance for yourself and others through Reiki. If you are attuned to at least Reiki I, you are welcome to attend and give and receive Reiki. If you have not attended a Reiki sharing in a while, this is a great time to get back in the swing.
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Receiving messages from Spirit is not something we have to learn how to do. Every bit of our lives is a message from Spirit. We only have to keep an open mind and pay attention.
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Life often is a mystery to us. We wish it came with an instruction manual. We long for information to clarify life events. We hope somehow we’ll get a message that helps us make sense of it all.
Some of us recognize that we receive hints and clues from Spirit. For those of us that do, we often wish the flow of information was more consistent and reliable. For those of us that don’t seem to get messages from Spirit, it may seem we’re left out in the cold. We may work with a psychic or read inspirational books, hoping that we’ll get the one right insight that reveals our path and purpose.
Here’s the one message we all need to hear: Every bit of our lives is a message from Spirit. In cooperation with our inner divinity—our sharing within—every event in our lives is generated by the sharing for our benefit. Through the power of serendipity—expansion of our physical consciousness through seemingly random occurrences—we all experience exactly what we need most to have the opportunity to recognize the shared divinity of all existence.
In this way, every single thing that happens to us represents a message and an opportunity. Our personal free will allows us to accept or reject this truth. Should we choose to accept it, we simply need to pay attention to what goes on in and around us, to make sense of the messages.
A missed turn while driving can serve to remind us that we need to keep our eyes and mind open for opportunities. An overheard conversation may present a piece of information we need. Patterns in clouds may provide a clue needed to interpret events. Our pets may act out dramatic events in our lives. Song lyrics may offer insight into our current circumstances.
The sharing is endlessly inventive and creative, and it finds numerous and amusing ways to give messages to us. When we see the fun in interpreting what we experience, we enjoy life more and find pleasure in its richness and variety.
Click here to learn how to put this into practice.
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As summer approaches and the weather becomes fine, consider spending time outside with a good book. The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human will capture your attention while it expands you spiritually. As Hilarion says, "Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."
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