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The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human has another five star review on Amazon, courtesy of S. Lukas (thank you!). Check it out and see what the buzz is about. As Hilarion says, "Read this book. Change your life.Tell your friends."
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Animosity is the product of a disturbed psyche. Go a level deeper and calm the heart. The mind then has no choice but to follow suit.
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For many of us, unfortunately, resentment is the flavor of the day. People annoy us. Situations frustrate us. Relationships irk us. We evaluate people and events and find them less than ideal. We wish things were better. There seems to be plenty of life to dislike, each and every day.
The basis of all this judgment is separation consciousness. We believe that we are separate from other people and things, and even that we are separate from the divine. We forget our intrinsic divine interconnection with all of creation, and in doing so, generate the thought patterns leading to all our uncomfortable comparisons.
Our mind, because of its origin in physical third-dimensional experience, tends to keep us trapped in separation consciousness. We need to go a level deeper—to the fourth dimensional crystalline awareness which resides in our heart: our sharing within—to remember our true interconnected nature. Our sharing within is encoded with divine universal awareness and it allows us to view people and life from the perspective of the one, loving consciousness, aka the sharing.
When we focus our awareness on the link our sharing within provides to the divine, we become calm, even, and clear-sighted. We remember our true nature as inherently divine and, by doing so, recognize the divinity in others as well. Animosities, grudges, and resentment evaporate in favor of acceptance, approval, and appreciation. We find it easier to enjoy and appreciate life.
In the dance of life, if we lead with our sharing within, our physical mind will follow along and learn new steps. We create new beliefs and thought patterns for ourselves, ones which help us view ourselves, others, and life differently, in ways that are more fulfilling and pleasurable. 
Click here to learn how to put this into practice.
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