Shout out + Summer Love

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Shout Out + Summer Love

Hey, y'all!

1 of these days I'm going to start writing regularly again. I promise! 'Til then, I'll keep popping up sporadically. Fun, huh? ;)

It's not really summer yet, but the weather's heating up here in Central Europe. Bring on the bikini weather! I'm ready to say goodbye to dreary rainy days. Bleagh.

ANYWAY, I'm writing today because I just wanted to reach out to say I'm here, I've not forgotten you, and I'm thinking of you. If I don't write often, it's because I'm committed to only sending emails that add value to your life. Fluff is not my stuff, LOL.

I'm also re-branding again (feels like I'm forever re-branding these days) to get clearer on what I'm here to do and the most fulfilling way to do it.

I've been playing small for a long time, staying invisible and not really putting in the work to grow my business or even HAVE a business. The things I want won't just drop into my lap if I don't clear the path to receive them. Y'know?

So if there's something you've been putting off, a dream you've tucked away, or a project you've convinced yourself you're not ready for, GET READY AND GET STARTED.

We're a week away from June, folks. Pretty soon it'll be the middle of the year. Yes, time IS going by rather quickly. Don't let another day pass you by without you getting started on something that means the world to you.

The time is now, y'all. The time is now.

Need help getting started? Inspiration not your best friend yet? Hit reply and we can brainstorm on ways to move you forward!

Hope this leaves you glowing and raring to go! :D

Rockets + sparkles,