How To Change Your Life With A Morning Practice

May 23, 2014
Dear Feronia Wellness Community,

So many of you ask, especially after having a Soul Clearing and Shielding, "How do I
keep my shielding and
stay clear?"

To do this it is so important to realize how our thoughts,
the way we think and what we think, impacts what we experience, what we attract or magnetize into our lives. 

About 15 years ago I picked up a little book by
Deepak Chopra called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  I was searching for hope and transformation in my life, and I had experienced Soul Clearings, the great shift they brought, and then, too often, somewhat of a return to the challenges that had been present prior to the Clearing.

The concepts in this little book changed my life.  I made a card for each day, and this is a picture of Wednesday's card - and yes - it is about 15 years old ;)

Here is what I have written on each of my cards, one for each day of the week.  I start my day, when I get out of bed and am ready to start moving, by putting yesterday's card on the bottom of the stack, and reading today's card, so that REALITY is entered in my consciousness for the day.

I take the cards wherever I go, and yes, they are with me in Paris.  In fact, I just took this picture of Wednesday's card here in my apartment. 

You might find your life changes if you undertake this daily practice, too.

Sunday:  The Law of Pure Potentiality - Everything is possible.   
                        Silence - meditation
                        Commune with nature
                        Practice Non-Judgment

Monday:  The Law of Giving and Receiving - If you want something, give it.
                        Give to everyone you meet.
                        Receive with grace.
                        Keep wealth circulating.

Tuesday:  The Law of Karma - When you make a choice, you change the future.
                        Consciously witness choices.
                        Witness consequences of choices.
                        Does your choice bring you comfort or discomfort?

Wednesday:  The Law of Least Effort - Don't say no, go with the flow.

Thursday:  The Law of Intention and Desire - Every time you wish or want, you plant  a seed.
                        Pay attention to your thoughts.
                        Your outer world mirrors your intentions and desires.
                        If you want your outer world to change, change your thoughts.

Friday:  The Law of Detachment - Enjoy the journey.
                        Witness results of your choices.
                        Release your grip or desire for control.
                        Allow Creator Energy to express through you.

Saturday:  The Law of Dharma - You are here for a reason.
                        You are Soul - the expression of the Mind of Creator.
                        You chose this incarnation and the lessons you are experiencing.
                        Rise to the occasion:  you have everything you need to meet the joys and challenges in your life.

Sending love,


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