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May, 2014
San Antonio Shift!
San Antonio Class
San Antonio Crystal Class

I had the great privilege of presenting a crystal healing class at the Integrative Healing Institute in San Antonio, TX last weekend under the auspices of Kim Krost who has created this amazing hub of alternative healing practices.  After I asked them the question, "What is your life worth to you?", they embraced their collective spiritual heart and opened a space to create what will now become the San Antonio Association of Crystal Healers!

To say that I was blown away by their enthusiasm, their willingness to be the change, the ease with which they embraced the teaching and their humility to come together as a unified presence would truly be an understatement!  

The more that I do this work, the more pockets of awakening I see in the world.  We are moving at warp speed to create and assimilate a new way of thinking, a new way of "seeing", a new way of being in the universe.  The simple question, "What is your life worth to you?" can bring a very profound sense of awareness and urgency.  What is your life worth to you?  Is it worth letting go of your past beliefs, your past pain, your past illnesses, your old patterns, your old ways of thinking and bring yourself to living more of your authentic self?  What is your payoff in staying where you are rather than taking the leap towards self-actualization?
Kim Krost has asked Rose and me to bring Free Spirit School to San Antonio to teach our curriculum at her institute and we're making plans to begin in 2015.  I am humbled that we are being given the opportunity to share our teachings with the healing community there. 
But please know that you have this in your own backyard and we will continue to develop our classes to embrace the intensity of the growth right here.
What is your life worth to you?  How will you make the shift towards living your own life in a passionate and fulfilling way?  

Thank you, San Antonio, for opening me to your light and helping me to shift even more profoundly!  I am truly blessed!

Classes and Events

Reiki One Class
Wednesday, May 14th  6:00 - 9:00  
Teachers: Diane Bloom and Rose Koremenos
Fee:  $65.00
This class will teach you the hands on method of Reiki healing. Included in the class will be:
The History and Meaning of Reiki
21 Day Cleansing Period
Lecture on Reiki and How it Works
Hands on Teaching

To become a Reiki One practitioner, call 262-790-0748 or email
Joan's Class Pic

With Joan Collins Sunday,  May 18   10:00 a.m.
You can arrive any time after 9:30 p.m.
Fee: $20
Topic:  Manifesting

Imagine how you would feel if youhad it all...If something could help you to realize your dreams or to fulfill your potential. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
Look at your life-do you have what you really, really want?

"My wish was for a new job that would serve my highest good.  The next day, I got a phone call asking for an interview!" Kirsten

"Thank you so much.   I have to tell you that I was having problems with heartburn and now it's gone.  That is just one of the wonderful things that I experienced from the deeksha."  Dawn

Joan and Veena will be giving the blessing at this event.  They will put thier hands on your head and transfer the blessing energy. It is very easy. All you do is open your heart and receive. 

The Oneness Blessing is an act of energy transfer by touch or by
the power of intent. It results in a growth in consciousness by creating
a shift in the perception and experience of life. It is a Non-Denominational experience that awakens our connection with the oneness in everything,
allowing each of us to deepen our relationships with those we love,
ourselves, and ALL THAT IS.

To reserve a seat, call 262-784-6676 or email Joan at

The  Forgotten Promise
         Lecture by Sherry Wilde 
         Tuesday, May 20th  6:30

Wisconsinite Sherry Wilde will recount her experiences of alien abduction and the lessons she learned from them in this fascinating talk.  After reading this amazing recollection, I have come away with a whole new perspective of UFOs and extra-terrestials.  Sherry will explore the abduction experience and share with you the Three Important Things they insisted she learn.  It is her story of her lifelong interaction with beings from another world and her journey to go beyond the fear to find meaning and purpose.  You won't want to miss this amazing lecture!

There are only a few seats left so please call or email to reserve your place today!

To reserve your seat, call 262-790-0748 or email
Dinner/House Concert
with Tret Fure
Wednesday, July 9
Dinner at 6:00 - Concert at 7:00

I'm thrilled to bring Tret Fure to Free Spirit Crystals for a picnicsupper/house concert on July 9th.  For only $20.00you will receive dinner, a meet and greet with Tret and an awesome concert.  Tret, my guitar/song writing teacher, began her professional career at the age of 16, moving to LA to perform with Spencer Davis and opening for such bands as Poco, Yes, and the G. Geils Band. She subsequently went on to form a solo career and record over 15 CDs of original music. She is an amazing guitarist and song writer who inspires her audiences with her lyrics and melodies.

Opening for Tret will be my incredibly talented friend Amanda Suckow.

We only have room for 30 people at this concert so get your tickets early.  To order your tickets, send a check made out to Tret Fure to Free Spirit Crystals - 4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007.

FSS Graduating Class  2014
We'd like to congratulate our newest graduating class from Free Spirit School!  It has been an honor to witness these 6 women as they completed our course with courage, compassion, humor and heart.  It is always bittersweet to see our classes leave the nest and move on but Rose and I both know that their dedication to their lives will live forever in the soul of the Universe. Congratulations to Denise Latos and Peg Texeira (returning grads), Deanna Dewey, Jane Powers, Carrie Sanders and Gina Verona!  You are amazing!
 We are now enrolling students into our fall classes which begin the weekend of September 13 & 14.  Free Spirit School is a school for developing inner consciousness and healing skills. We are the only school of its kind in the United States combining bioenergetics with crystal and stone healing. You will immediately get a sense that this is a truly different type of school with incredible teachers, a relaxed and peaceful environment, returning graduates who will assist in mentoring and a compassionate, caring heart.  We assist you in creating awareness and recognizing your true potential to answer the question "What is my life worth to me?"
To register for school, go to It will change your life!

Layout of the Month
This month's layout is very simple and yet very profound in how it affects one's perspective on their life.  I designed this layout for my autumn crystal class when they were curious as to how to connect to their spirit. You may want to have an intent for the layout before you begin and I encourage you to journal afterwards.  Enjoy!

Connecting to Your Inner Spirit

Feet - Black Tourmaline below each foot
Left Side of 2nd Chakra - Channeling Crystal - Hold the face of crystal directly on the body
Heart - Kunzite, Hiddenite or Both
3rd Eye - Sugilite

I am open and receptive to whatever message my spirit has to say to me through my heart.
Pebbles and Stones

Coupon of the Month
10% off all stones
(excluding net and consignment items)
Coupon must be presented at time of sale.
Sale ends May 31st.

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