Feronia Wellness Weekly Newsletter 5.2.2014

Weekly Words of Wellness
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feronia wellness community weekly newsletter.
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"A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-if's of life." - Suze Orman 
 I spent a large portion of my adult life trying to find financial freedom. Once I did, I then walked myself into a relationship that completely disconnected me from it. Since I know that it exists (because I have lived it), I am fully dedicated to finding it again. I know it is there for me, for you and for all of us. The earth is bountiful and when we embrace mutually beneficial relationships with the planet and with each other, we can all live in prosperity. May each and every one of you Know this Truth and Be this Truth.  And, may we all live together in Abundance.  Love + Light, Deborah Lighthart
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Meet My New Nutrition Hero by Bernard Rosen
Why We All Need... Akashic Records by Mary Baxter
Message from Hilarion by Anne Smith
The Yearning by Otiti Jasmine
Planetary Water Clearing
The Cleansing Breath by Deborah Lighthart
A Key to Bliss by Deborah Lighthart
Look Up + Hook Up by Deborah Lighthart
AngelSpeaK Messages with Deborah Lighthart
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FREE Energy Bath Online: Prosperity 7-8pm 5.14
FREE Energy Bath Online: For Healers 10-11am 6.21
AngelSpeaK Online 7pm Tues
Energy Baths by Phone 8pm Thus
upcoming events.
with Deborah Lighthart @various locations: 
SpiritCon in Milw, WI 10am-10pm on 5.3
Intuitive Tarot Reading in Greendale, WI 11-4 5.4
Deep Clean Your Consciousness in Tosa, WI 9-5 5.10
Energy Bath in Greendale, WI 2-4pm 5.24
Intuitive Consults in Barrington, RI 5.28 + 5.29
Energy Bath in Barrington, RI 6:30-8pm 5.28
AngelSpeaK in Barrington, RI 6:30-8pm 5.29
AngelSpeaK  Message Circle in Tosa, WI 1-3pm 6.21

@Free Spirit Crytals in Butler, WI:
DaEl Walker Returns May 1 + May 2
FREE Film 7pm May 2
The Forgotten Promise Lecture 6:30p 5.20
House Concert with Tret Fure July 9

@various venues in SE WI
Events at the Atrium
3 Day Remote Viewing Workshop July 25-27
Yoga Classes + Retreats at Haleybird Studios

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