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Come join me Sunday May 4th for a Kindred Spirit Fair at the Sheraton Madison Hotel,
706 John Nolen Drive, Madison WI. Admission is free and there will be over thirty readers, healers, vendors, and workshops to provide entertainment and spiritual uplift. There will be a silent auction, raffles, and door prizes too.
I'll be offering tumbled stone readings and channeled readings from ascended master Hilarion. I'll also be giving a seminar on my book "The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human" from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. $25.00 workshop fee includes a copy of the book, inscribed with a personal message from Hilarion.
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Constructive use of dreaming is the first step in becoming aware of the waking dream. The waking dream is nothing other than the flow of love/consciousness/existence, untrammeled by objectification.
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We all dream at night. Sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we don’t. But we all dream. Dreams are messages from ourselves to ourselves, without the usual filters—beliefs about what is or isn’t nice, good, or right; limitations of physical existence; ideas we hold about what is or isn’t possible.
When we dream, we get real. We get real in the sense of being honest with ourselves about how we feel. We also get real, in an expanded spiritual sense, by losing the perceived limitations of third-dimensional physical life. Dreams are about what is, not what we believe should be or what we believe to be real.
Our dreams are imbued with incredible significance. They give us insight into our true feelings and desires, and they also offer us a glimpse of life from outside our usually limited mental perceptions. The information dreams provide can help us understand our motivations and actions more clearly.
Dreams also allow us a playground in which we can interact without the constraints of physical objects, space, and time. They allow us a glimpse of existence in higher dimensions. We can experience without cause/effect, limitations, or judgment, and we have a chance to operate in a way which reflects our nature as divine co-creators in shared existence. Dreams bring us closer to realization of divine reality.
Recording and interpreting our dreams can give us clues about how to be happier and more aligned—both to our inner self and to the cosmic whole. Dreams may even be precognitive, signaling what is to come. Mining our dreams for meaning and connection is passive exploration of the dream state.
We also can explore our dream state actively. Consciously directed, dreams can help us process difficult emotions or explore solutions for troublesome problems. With mindful intent, dreams can become tools of healing and expansion. Dreams offer an alternative lens of perception, which we can direct, at will, to gain enhanced experience and discernment. Click here to learn how to harvest health and happiness from your dreams.
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Get a healing; give a healing. Share in loving energy. If you are attuned to at least Reiki level one, consider attending a Reiki Sharing at 7:00 pm Friday May 2nd at Starlight Consulting in Grafton WI. Please RSVP to
starlight@thesharing.co or 414-367-8279.