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What are you willing to do to be happier? Are you willing to spend fifteen minutes a day reading and reflecting? Check out my book The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human. It presents a sane and simple paradigm for a happier existence. As Hilarion says, "Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."
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Why we are here is not as important as how we are here.
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For many of us life sometimes doesn't make sense. Situations can seem pointless or difficult. Our lives may feel like a series of random events—meaningless and challenging. We want to know the reason why our lives are the way that they are.
Religions and philosophies offer widely varying explanations: Life is random; life has a purpose. God exists and has a plan for us; God doesn't exist. Karma dictates what we experience; we create our own reality. It can be hard to know what to believe.
Some of us find a belief system that works for us. It may help us find meaning in life and can offer comfort in challenging times. Yet all of us—if we are honest with ourselves—have doubts sometimes. There are days when the struggle through life seems futile.
Whether we have beliefs which explains why we exist (or not), we generally can accept that we do exist. Recognizing this, what else do we know about life?
On the most basic level, our perception of life can be reduced to a few tenets: We believe we exist as a living being. We interact with other beings and things in our physical environment. We experience physical sensations in these interactions as well as emotions. We have thoughts about our interactions, sensations, and emotions. Some interactions seem pleasurable to us; others do not.
Accepting these principles as true, we can build upon them to create happiness in our lives. If we interact with other beings and things, our existence is shared. Our actions, thoughts, and emotions have effects outside of ourselves. We do not exist in a vacuum.
If we have thoughts about our experiences, we can choose to reinforce certain thoughts and downplay others. We can govern what we think, which affects how we experience events. Our thoughts determine whether (or not) we find situations pleasurable. 
If our emotions and thoughts are linked, we can affect how we feel by choosing how we think. Our thoughts evaluating events as either pleasant or unpleasant are within our control, and by choosing our conscious focus we can elect which emotions we feel.
We can choose what we contribute to shared existence by experiencing life through a mindset that focuses on enjoying what is. When we are happy, our happiness affects others. When we are grateful, our gratitude emphasizes the richness in our experience. When we are non-judgmental, our neutrality makes it easier to find ways to take pleasure in life as it is.
In pursuing this way of experiencing life, we create our own reason for being. We are here to enjoy life and to share our happiness and appreciation with others. This is the real purpose for life—shared conscious existence, or the sharing.  Click here to learn how to create your own meaning for life.
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