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If you've ever felt daunted by learning how to read Tarot, have we got the class for you! Deborah Lighthart is teaching an Intuitive Tarot Reading Intensive at Starlight Consulting on Saturday April 12th. In one fun-packed day you will learn a personalized way to intuitively divine the messages and symbolism in your deck, will be familiarized with traditional and custom layouts, and will have and will give and receive readings, with Deborah's sensitive and practiced guidance and support.
Class fee of $75.00 per person. Minimum class size of 4 required, so we can read for each other. Suggested Supplies: a tarot or oracle deck, a pen, a journal/pad of paper. Please RSVP to:
starlight@thesharing.co or 414-367-8279
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Once upon a time there was a storyteller—you. You made up a story and set about enacting it. You can always change the story at any time. You are the storyteller.
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Each of us has a story—the story of our lives. We each are the primary characters in our own life story, with a host of supporting characters to help play out events. Individuals who figure in each other’s stories often have radically different viewpoints of the same event. That’s because our perception of our life is exactly that—a story. It is based on what we believe about life, not about what actually is.
Our underlying beliefs about life—usually based in separation consciousness—generate our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. We tell ourselves our life story based on our physical mind’s interpretation of the past, which again is a series of thoughts about what happened. The story we tell ourselves about our past creates what is happening right now in our lives. Unless we are willing to change our story, our future experiences likely will be consistent with our perception of the past and present, too.
When we believe that we and others are flawed and broken, living in an imperfect world—separation consciousness—our thoughts will be of anger, disappointment, jealousy, disillusionment, mistrust, lack, and frustration. Holding these core thoughts, we will be unable to perceive anything else. We will interpret what is, based on what we believe and think. No matter what occurs, we will see it as we believe it to be. Our story is that of a victim who has to struggle against difficulty in an attempt to find love, happiness, and safety.
We can’t experience anything outside of separation consciousness, unless we change what we believe. If we are willing see ourselves as inherently divine and interconnected—part of a benevolent and loving whole—what we allow ourselves to experience can be quite different. The power of serendipity becomes apparent to us, and life is filled with surprising coincidences and magical symbolism. We discover joy in small things, revel in getting exactly what we need, and are thankful for the love and support of all creation. We recognize that our belief in the power of conscious love allows it to generate existence through us. Our story is that of a conscious co-creator who is in love with all of life—every moment of it—as exciting, beautiful, and precious. Click here to learn how to tell yourself a new story.
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Spring is a time of renewal. Add some zest to your perception of life or clarify your relationship with your pet, and save 25%. All animal communication sessions and human intuitive readings are on sale until May 15th. Anne and ascended master Hilarion can help provide intuitive input and practical techniques to get a fresh start. Gift certificates are available at the sale price, too. To schedule an appointment contact Anne at:
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