ISA - Labyrinth Workshop - 7:00pm - 8:30pm April 16 & 10:30 - noon April 26 in Brookfield, WI

labyrinth3aThe LABYRINTH is a Divine imprint that has been lying dormant for hundreds of years and whose time has come to reappear. Traditionally the shape was marked out on the ground or on a floor. The pattern requires the walker to begin at the entrance and slowly follow the circular path towards the center and then return using the same path.

There are very few labyrinth locations around making it difficult for many of us to use this tool as part of our personal growth. The Labyrinth Experience pictured is a table model and therefore available for "finger walkers" to use it any time and any place. What an amazing journey it is to trace the labyrinth path, go inside, and perhaps find out the truth of who you are, or touch something miraculous and whole that is waiting to change your life from within.

Labyrinths and mazes are not exactly the same. Mazes have many paths and dead ends often evoking confusion. The labyrinth, with its single path, can enhance intuition and creativity.
The best known example of this particular eleven-circuit labyrinth is embedded in the floor of the chartres Cathedral in France. People who walk the Cathedral floor or "finger walk" this model come from all walks of life, religions and practices.

Those of you who are already on an inner journey can gain further insights when you fingers do the walking. If the idea of being on a journey is new to you the labyrinth can bring all kinds of unexpected gifts.

Whatever your spiritual background or belief, "finger walkers" find the labyrinth to be a welcome tool. For the modern spiritual seeker, here is an opportunity to open to unlimited possibilities.

"What lies behind us
and what lies before
us are tiny matters
compared to what
lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Possibilities of the Path:
• Enhances inner peace
• Releases mind chatter
• Engages self-knowledge
• Nurtures the human and divine connection
• Opens intuition
• Balances body/mind/spirit
• Encourages listening for inner guidance
• Steps out of linear time/space

Labyrinth workshop
Dates Offered:
Wed. April 16 7:00 – 8:30pm and
Sat. April 26 10:30am – 12:00
Register: 262-781-5300
Location: 13745 W. Capitol Dr
Fee: $20 includes workshop & laybrinth

Here are statements from several "finger walkers".

The labyrinth experience effortlessly quiets my mind chatter, supports my breathing and takes me to an inward stillness. This stillness blesses me with being in the present moment.

K. M.

Owning a table top labyrinth has proven to be a powerful tool. I find that taking the time to slowly follow the labyrinth's pattern with my finger allows the thinking mind to stop grabbing all of the attention. All of the worry, analyzing, planning, etc. comes to a halt as it is hard to entertain those thoughts while following the pattern. It never fails! By the time I have gone in and out of the labyrinth maze, there is a sense of ease and clarity for what is to follow.

M. P.

When I walk the sacred path my soul is deeply touched by an overwhelming feeling of peace. The invisible pointed star that radiates from the center aligns my mind, body and spirit. It helped me to cleanse and quiet my mind. It opens my heart to allow and accept all that is.


Best regards,
Institute of Self Awareness