Help Stop Human Trafficking

Hello Friends. Our latest initiative may be our most important to date. Since our inception in 2012, we have been trying to figure out how we can impact human trafficking and modern day slavery in The Philippines. Many pieces of the puzzle have been given to us. You may remember when we traveled to Tacloban, the city hit by the world's greatest typhoon, (Haiyan) in November. We fed thousands there who were in need but we also made some key connections to get the Daughters of Eden initiative started, of course inspired by our own Eden Mae Elas. As you may know, Eden was our office manager who died on Jan 10, at the age of 23, only a month after she spent time feeding thousands in Tacloban. Eden expressed many times her wish to someday have daughters, as she was a caretaker to many of them in Dubai. Eden may well indeed have many daughters now. Human trafficking comes out of extreme poverty and devastation like what we saw in Tacloban. Most of the world has already forgotten Tacloban, yet there are still thousands who are newly homeless. It is ripe for human trafficking as they have no other way out in many cases.
We are travelling back to Tacloban in June to start this initiative. We will rescue 11 initially, ranging in ages 7-15 years old. We are coordinating with the Vice Mayor of Tacloban, Jerry Yaokasin to bring back 11 victims who may be orphaned and are in danger of becoming modern day slaves without us. We will bring the 11 back to Hagonoy, house them, feed them, and put them in school. We will give them a future where they have none today.
Our wish is to grow this initiative to be able to handle many more. Our mission house can handle 50, and if funded we will take it to capacity. Right now we have many needs for the initial 11. Beds, Desks, Food, Clothing and all that goes with it. Please donate what you can by clicking on the link and spread the word about what we are doing. The more exposure we get, the greater impact we will make. Thank you in advance. The team at Hagonoy Interfaith Mission