$25 to Feed 100

If I showed you how you could help feed 5000 of the most poor people with a $25 dollar donation, would you donate this small amount?
Yes, we have figured out how to do this. In 2013, our mission provided an estimated 20,000 meals to the most poor in my father's community and devastation regions in The Philippines. We did this by utilizing the restaurant in the first level of my father's ancestral home. We can prepare about 100 meals for only about 30 dollars.
As an American, this has always seemed very cheap to me, but, it could even be cheaper. You see, we have to pay the workers in that restaurant. Not much, but we could prepare our food for one third less of a cost if we prepared it ourselves. We are setting up the second floor in my father's mission house to prepare our food in the second half of 2014 ourselves. That means that we will be able to prepare 100 meals for only 22 dollars. So for the same amount as we spent in 2013, we can provide 25% more meals. That means 5000 more people.
What do we need to do this? We need 40 people to donate 25 dollars for our equipment. We have our own mission workers who volunteer their services for room and board. So I am sending this message to all of the people who have donated to us in 2013. I need a percentage of our donors to donate this small amount of 25 dollars to get this accomplished. I know your lives are not easy there...but these people whom we have helped here, they would have nothing without us...Nothing without you.  
25 dollars will change us. It will change the people who we affect here also. People who sleep on sidewalks, children, victims of devastation.  
We will respond again to calamities and horrors in The Philippines. Earthquakes, Typhoons. We want to be there. Your small help is much bigger than you will ever know. $25 dollars. Please take just a minute and click on the link to donate. Thanks for you support Federico and the team at Hagonoy Interfaith Mission.