Weekly Words of Wellness

Weekly Words of Wellness
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Feronia Wellness Community Newsletter
articles, events and special offers for your body, mind + spirit
You guys amaze me! I send this newsletter out every week, but rarely get any response beyond the occasional "Thank You Note."  After my announcement of dissolving FWO, I was flooded with responses, letters and phone calls. My first reaction was, "WOW!" I had no idea so many people were paying attention." My next response is "Thank you!" Thank you for reading, for reaching out and for sharing this journey with me. I want to remind you all that I will still be here, every week, in your inbox, offering words of wellness to our community from our remaining members (and myself!). Even though things are restructuring to lighten my workload, I am still very much looking forward to continuing to share this adventure with you for many years to come. Love + Light, Deborah Lighthart

Surprising Truth about Vitamin... by Bernard Rosen
Special Message from Hilarion by Anne Smith
Dead Sea Skincare by a Guest Blogger
Breaking Through the Fire by Otiti Jasmine
Challenge = Opportunity by Premakarini
The 5 Things You Really Need to Know about Yourself by Deborah Lighthart
The Cleansing Breath by Deborah Lighthart
A Key to Bliss by Deborah Lighthart
Look Up + Hook Up by Deborah Lighthart
Tarot, Angel, Spirit + Gemstone Messages
Lyme Disease Prevention + Treatment by Dr Solano
Help Children in Nepal
special offers.
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upcoming events.
with Deborah Lighthart @various locations in WI: 
Intro to Energy Medicine 1pm 3.15
Energy Bath in Greendale 2-3:30pm 3.22
+ in West Bend 10-11:30am 3.29
Intuitive Tarot in Tosa Level I 2-3:30pm 3.23
Dream Interpretation in West Bend 1-2:30pm 3.29
Dare to Be Aware Fair in Milwaukee 9-5 4.6

@Free Spirit Crystals in Butler:
Crystal Healing Classes 6:30-9pm Mons in Mar
Tarot I 6-8pm Weds starting 3.5
Astrology Charts... 6-8pm Thus starting 3.3
Shift to the Gift 6:30-8:30pm Weds 3.19

@Remedy Within Wellness Ctr in Milwaukee:

Reiki Sharing 6:15-pm 3.7 + 3.23

@Institute of Self Awareness in Brookfield:
Reiki Sharing 6-8pm 3.16
Stand Firm in Your Field 7-8:30pm 3.19
Spring is King 7-8:30pm 3.20
Reiki I 9am-12pm 3.22 + 3.23
Senior Spirit Class 10:30am-12pm 3.18
Think Again Classes 7-8:30 3.17, 3.24 + 3.31
webinars + teleclasses.
Energy Baths by Phone 9am Tues + 9pm Thus

Visit our Online Wellness Directories for Providers in Your Area:   Online/Phone   WI   CA
Disclaimer: The information contained in this newsletter and on our website is for educational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition and it should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health professional.