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What are your dreams telling you? Join Deborah Lighthart at Starlight Consulting in Grafton for a Dream Interpretation Workshop. Dreams are one of the easiest ways for our Spirit Guides to speak to us and for our own Higher Power to break through to our conscious mind. Learn how to translate the symbols and metaphors in even your craziest dreams into meaningful messages in your daily life.
Saturday March 29th
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Please RSVP to starlight@thesharing.co
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Applying truth to any situation is a measure of willingness to be free of an outcome.
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When faced with a situation we see as problematic, we often have a desired endpoint in mind. We know how we want things to work out, and we view the eventual end result as either good or bad, depending on how closely it matches our wishes. We believe we know what is best.
We have sized up the situation and made a value judgment, in advance, about possible outcomes. This evaluation is based on our perception of the problem, which in turn comes from our view of past experiences. Our outlook on the past is grounded in our prevailing thought patterns, which often are based in separation consciousness—the illusion that we are separate from divinity and everyone and everything in creation, too.
Belief in separation tends to make us suspicious and apprehensive. We think we live in a world full of untrustworthy individuals and dangerous situations and things. We feel we need to monitor and control things to help ensure a beneficial outcome. We don’t believe that issues will resolve themselves for our ultimate good without our management. All too often, our fear and grasping lead to us manifest the end result we wish to avoid.
When we are willing to acknowledge the divine truth that we are inherently connected with all existence—the sharing—we open our minds and expand our possibilities. In trusting that all occurrences are for our eventual benefit, we allow the universe to be creative in fulfilling our needs. We have no predetermined outcome in mind, and therefore free ourselves from the worry and machinations of trying to control results.
Freedom from a posited best outcome also helps us to enjoy whatever occurs more fully. We liberate ourselves to appreciate each moment as it occurs. This is the joyful life made possible by the truth of divine interconnection. Click here to explore the truth our interconnection reveals.
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Want to feel more at peace with your self and the world? Want to share that freedom with others? Attend a Reiki I Class in hands-on energy balancing on Saturday March 22nd. Our outside world is the reflection of the energy and thoughts we carry within ourselves. Learn how to help create balance and peace for yourself and others. Class size is limited. Please register to reserve your space.
RSVP to starlight@thesharing.co
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