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What are your dreams telling you? Join Deborah Lighthart at Starlight Consulting in Grafton for a Dream Interpretation Workshop. Dreams are one of the easiest ways for our Spirit Guides to speak to us and for our own Higher Power to break through to our conscious mind. Learn how to translate the symbols and metaphors in even your craziest dreams into meaningful messages in your daily life.
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Over and under: heaven and earth. When you express things on both levels simultaneously, there is no difference..
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We often see ourselves as flawed beings. We easily recognize our lower, base, everyday self. We also may aspire to be more like our higher self—our spiritual side which is in tune with the divine. Most of us struggle to change our lower self to become more like our higher self. We believe we must strive to alter our everyday behaviors and attitudes in order to become more spiritual.
It is our conception of ourselves that is flawed. We are inherently divine beings. We represent a piece of a perfect and whole divine creation—the sharing. Divinity, or conscious love, is intrinsic in our makeup; it resides within us. If we believe ourselves to be broken or lacking, it is because we do not consciously recognize our essential divine, loving nature. We have forgotten half of ourselves.
When we were conceived as human beings, a spark of the divine was seated within us as our sharing within. It is always present and potentially accessible to us, whether we recognize it (or not).With a little practice, we can make conscious connection with our sharing within. When we’re willing to do so, our inborn divine guidance system is activated.
Alone, using only our conscious mind, we live in consciousness of separation. The world is a challenging and dangerous place, filled with untrustworthy people. We feel angry, disappointed, frustrated, fearful, and disillusioned. When we engage our sharing within consciously to experience life with divine input, we feel satisfied, grateful, happy, excited, and free. We are able to see ourselves, others, and situations as creation/the sharing does—with love and appreciation.
When we are in conscious connection with our sharing within, our physical mind and our inner divinity work together cooperatively. We honor all parts of ourselves, as a unified whole. There is no lower self or higher self. We simply are divinely-encoded human beings experiencing life in love and appreciation. From this standpoint, we become conscious co-creators of beauty and joy. Our experience is shared with all creation, and we are freely contributing gratitude and happinessClick here to learn how to unite your higher and lower selves.
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