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Want to feel more at peace with your self and the world? Want to share that freedom with others? Attend Reiki I Class in hands-on energy balancing on Saturday March 22nd. Our outside world is the reflection of the energy and thoughts we carry within ourselves. Learn how to help create balance and peace for yourself and others. Class size is limited. Please register to reserve your space: 
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Gratitude is the starting point for purposeful co-creation.
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Many of us go through life thinking about all the things we don’t want to happen. This habit places our attention and  energetic focus firmly on what we do not want. We’re invested in undesirable future potential.
Some of us spend time thinking about what we do want. The more often we do so, the more we shift our focus from unwanted to desired future events. Positive visualization can help cancel out the effects of fearful imaginings. It certainly is more enjoyable than worry, too.
When we think about what we don’t want or think about what we do want, we focus on the future.  This curtails our ability to enjoy life right now. We lose out on the power of the present moment.
Whether or not we’re aware of it, we continuously create the events of our lives through the power of serendipity. In every experience, we are given clues and incentives to help us remember our intrinsic divine interconnection with all of creation—the sharing. These messages are tailored personally by our inner divinity to be meaningful and effective for us.
When we pay attention the communication can be subtle and beautiful. If we don’t  it may become more dramatic, to capture our attention. The sharing has no investment in how we receive our reminders. It merely wants us to remember our true, divine, connected nature. We get the messages most likely to work for us.
In order to co-create with divinity, we need to communicate back in return. The simplest and easiest way to send messages to the sharing about what we do want is through gratitude. Whether consciously expressed as “thank you” or unconsciously intended through sincere enjoyment, all gratitude is a message of love to the sharing. It places us in the energetic sweet spot of connection and joyful appreciation. As a positive feedback response, the sharing serve us up more of whatever we enjoy.
When we understand this feedback loop, we become divine co-creators through gratitude. Being thankful helps us create our lives in ways which make us happy. It becomes easier to enjoy what is going on right now. The conscious, loving awareness  gratitude engenders lets us feel happier and more fulfilled in the moment. We love life more when we focus on our blessings. Click here to learn how to flex your gratitude muscle.
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What are your dreams telling you? Join Deborah Lighthart at Starlight Consulting in Grafton for a Dream Interpretation Workshop. Dreams are one of the easiest ways for our Spirit Guides to speak to us and for our own Higher Power to break through to our conscious mind. Learn how to translate the symbols and metaphors in even your craziest dreams into meaningful messages in your daily life.
Saturday March 29th
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Please RSVP to starlight@thesharing.co

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