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There is no such thing as getting off the spiritual path. There is only forgetting that one is the path
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We so often are disappointed with ourselves. We feel we could be better people. We feel we could do better. We feel we’ve gotten off track. We have a spiritual ideal for ourselves—an imagined path toward light and beauty, without hitches or turns, that leads us onward and upward toward a life in which we are good, loving, and enlightened beings. We frequently measure ourselves against this posited, possible perfection and find ourselves wanting.
We hold this viewpoint because we forget we are divine, inherently perfect beings. We are part of an interconnected divine whole: the sharing. We house a splinter of divine consciousness within us as our sharing within. As a receptacle for perfect love and wisdom, we don’t need a guru and we don’t need to struggle toward being better. We simply need to remember who we truly are—instances of divine love represented in physical existence—and allow ourselves to live in accordance with that understanding. We cannot get either on or off the path. We are the path.
Remembrance of our true nature is the key to living in freedom and joy. As intrinsically divine parts of interconnected creation, we are not victims and we own complete responsibility for how we experience our lives. Life holds infinite possibilities and we can choose in any moment how we feel about what we are experiencing. We have options, and one of them is to remember that we are divine co-creators of our lives.
This concept sounds lovely, but how do we put it into practice in everyday life? What can we do if we feel off track and out of sync with our divine nature? Click here to learn three simple questions to ask yourself about how to right your perception of self.
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