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When in doubt, ASK the Angels! Join us for an enlightening adventure in extraordinary communications that can help put life in perspective, bring healing to the heart and set your soul at ease. Communicating with your Angels couldn't get easier! Join us, as Deborah Lighthart and Anne Smith share group + individual messages from the Angels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors and others Beings of Love + Light that watch over us. The session begins with an Angel Prayer/Meditation. A group message is offered and then, individual questions are taken from the audience, as time allows. 

Saturday February 22nd, 7:00 pm
with Deborah Lighthart and Anne Smith
and special guests Asa and Hilarion
Please RSVP to starlight@thesharing.co or 414-367-8279. 
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What we become is not as important as how we feel.
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We often have big plans or dreams for ourselves or our loved ones. We want to improve our lives. We wish our children might grow up to be successful. Many of our hopes and dreams resolve around some sort of achievement—a degree, a salary, a title. This is what we think of as success: We believe it is important to become something or someone.
Less often our desires center on an emotional, mental, or spiritual state. Our definition of a successful human being usually doesn’t focus on these qualities: kindness, peacefulness, wisdom, gratitude, contentment, and happiness. Yet if we or our loved ones possess any one or more of these aspects, chances are that we have a good life.
When we are overly focused on achievement, we make the assumption that something is lacking in the present. We fool ourselves into believing that attainment holds the key to a good future. When and only when we or our children have achieved our goal, will we allow ourselves to be happy. Yet somehow, when one aim has been reached, there always is another. We see ourselves or our loved ones as eternally incomplete. True happiness is impossible with this mindset.
When our focus is on the present, we can experience fully whatever is going on in the here and now. We can zero in on the moment. When we give our full attention to current experience, we are more likely to find some aspect we can appreciate or enjoy, regardless of what is happening. In this way, what we do or experience is less important than how we feel about it. When we are grateful, kindly, and happy, any moment in life is a beautiful momentClick here to learn more about feeling in the moment.
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