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Announcing a new blog of diverse voices on the topic of living in concordance with Spirit. The blog is hosted by gifted astrologer and discoverer of the Harmonic Concordance, Johnny Mirehiel, and will encompass varied topics such as Animal Communication (by yours truly), The Ascended Life, Crystal Healing, Spirit at the Crossings, The Field Surveys, Forgiveness, The Self Healing Self, Medicine Ways, Revealing the Mystery, Right Action, Shamanic Explorations, Spirit in Business, Tantra, The Teachers of the Universal Mind, and Water Consciousness. Hilarion will post there from time to time as well, with a little help from me. A new voice will write on their chosen topic each week, so there will be plenty of variety and interesting, thought-provoking material. I invite you to bookmark the page and check back weekly. The blog kicks off this week with my post  about how my cat Beauregard trained me in animal communication. Check it out. You may find Beau's teaching methods amusing. Thanks for your interest!
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When we come to the end of something, it is only an end because we perceive it as such. There are no boundaries other than the ones we create.
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We’re all about beginnings and endings. We divide time into centuries, decades, years, months, days, etc. We divide space into geographical locations like continents, countries, state lines, city limits, lakeshores, and river banks. We think of relationships and lives as having a definitive beginning and ending. Yet all these delimitations only have the meaning we assign to them. They are arbitrary. We use them to try to make sense of reality.

In actuality, everything is always changing. Our official atomic clocks are recalibrated. Water levels in a lake vary. Rivers change course. People exist before and after we consciously interact with them. Awareness simply is, with or without a body. Everything is relative, and our insistence on trying to define things prevents us from knowing and enjoying them more fully.

When we cease categorizing and delimiting things and interactions, we are open to perceive them more clearly. We lose our preconceived notions and are able to experience life as it is, rather than as we believe it should be. We unlock the power of serendipity in our lives and up our awe quotient. We find it easier to have fun with life.

Additionally, when we give up our need to define and delineate reality, we release ourselves from the self-imposed confines of separation consciousness. When we let go of our need for absolute boundaries and measurements, we find it easier to intrinsically understand our connection to everyone and everything. It is easier to know our place in the sharing (aka the universe) as a divine co-creator
Click here to learn more about letting go of perceived limits.
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