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Obstacles, hazards, complications, remorse. What’s missing? Fun for a start… 
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Our lives often feel so very difficult. There usually seems to be something obstructing the path to our dreams. Often we are filled with regret about our choices or about the roadblocks we have created for ourselves. Things frequently don’t seem easy.
We get hung up on these difficulties. We allow them to capture our energy and attention, and in doing so we let them control our lives. We create more of what focus on, and life seems to be a never-ending round of problems. This isn’t fun.
And that is precisely the biggest problem: We’re not having fun. Life is intended to be enjoyable. That’s why we’re here—to appreciate the universe in all its wonder and splendor, and to be grateful for our existence. Fun is part of appreciating life. We’re supposed to have fun.
We tend to take our problems very seriously and personally. We don’t approach life from a lighthearted standpoint, and our mindset makes our difficulties even harder to deal with. We often simply resign ourselves to slogging through continuous trouble, hoping that someday things will get better.
Many of us play video games. We do it for enjoyment. Imagine what would happen if we took all the obstacles in a video game seriously and as a judgment upon ourselves. How much fun would we have? We probably would give up on the game nearly immediately. However, instead we view the difficult parts of the video game as a challenge. We enjoy learning how to overcome the simulated problems and dangers. The game is fun because we don’t take it seriously, and we know we can walk away from it unharmed.
When we are willing to let go of separation consciousness, we know we always are safe and interconnected in life. We know the universe (aka the sharing) wants us to prosper and enjoy our lives. We trust that everything we encounter is for our benefit. This allows us to live in the moment and to enjoy whatever occurs. Life is more like a challenging video game and less like a trial to be endured. Click here to learn more about having fun right now.
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When in doubt, ASK the Angels! Join us for an enlightening adventure in extraordinary communications that can help put life in perspective, bring healing to the heart and set your soul at ease. Communicating with your Angels couldn't get easier! Join us, as Deborah Lighthart and Anne Smith share group + individual messages from the Angels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors and others Beings of Love + Light that watch over us. The session begins with an Angel Prayer/Meditation. A group message is offered and then, individual questions are taken from the audience, as time allows. 

Saturday February 22nd, 7:00 pm
with Deborah Lighthart and Anne Smith
and special guests Asa and Hilarion

Please RSVP as space is finite.
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